The imperfection of varnish.

I have had many conversations regarding the use of varnish, as well as other options, as Urethane’s, and clear coat. The results of both urethane’s and clear coat are absolutely beautiful. But. For me varnish is still king. Hands down. The imperfection of it is what makes it perfect. The tint, the smell, the texture. It’s all part of your classic woody boat. Sanding and varnishing is all part of the ownership. You get out of anything what you put into it. And you can get a lot out of varnishing. Besides pride, it will slow you down, in this fast pace world, it’s good to slow down and still know that you are getting something done. As much work as it is. It is somehow very relaxing. This is all part of the ownership. Varnish is as much a part of your boat as is the wood, and engine. It all works together.