The Journey Can Be More Rewarding Than The Destination!

Fitting on the trailer

Eric Zelman’s passion for perfection is amazing. The journey for Eric is just as much fun as the destination for sure. Eric’s Lake N Sea project has been documented and he takes his time and does it beyond right. And the best part is he shares it all with us, which of course makes it look as fun as it is.


Each nut and bolt is perfect

Eric has also done an amazing job on his trailer, the yellow color is dead on and makes the entire package pop!

Eric Zelman’s Cave is a jaw dropper as well

If you are thinking of restoring a boat yourself, the process can sometimes be the most fun and rewarding part of classic boat ownership.

Putting the engine on

Oh ya!

If you would like to see more about Lake N Sea’s there is a wonderful website on the topic. A REALLY NICE SITE. JUST CLICK HERE and bask in the Lake n’ Sea goodness.

Next! The fenders of this very cool Super Gator trailer.

What a cool trailer that perfectly matches the boat!

Here is the link to the Lake N Sea site on the trailer restoration Part 5.

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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    The work of, as his lovely wife says: a perfectionist…..over the top for a leak and sink…can’t wait to see it on the water…really cool and perfect!
    John in Va.

  2. Greg W
    Greg W says:

    Spectacular!! Well done. especially like the transom detail. While admiring photos I noticed that the Merc appears to have a 20in (long shaft) lower unit while boat appears to have a 15 in. (short) transom. If I am seeing correctly these two will not play well together.

    • Chug-A-Lug
      Chug-A-Lug says:

      Oh! they’ll play ok. better stay out of the rock piles tho.It’s when you put a short shaft motor on a long transom that’s pretty iffy.(you won’t get any speed out of that)

    • Eric Z
      Eric Z says:

      Point taken ! Need to be careful around the sand bars- Here is an original promo shot with a “long johnson” !

  3. Greg W
    Greg W says:

    Running a short shaft on a long transom is an old performance trick . Hull shape and prop are a significant factor of success though. Long on short, however, will likely provide you with a boat full of water at speed. ( if you can get it on plane at all).

  4. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Dang, I really miss my Lake N Sea…
    Another one of those. …” why did I ever sell it ” feelings after seeing this beauty. Great job, my man

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Nice work Eric, its all in the details and you nailed it. But I’ve got shop/man cave envy, you could do a whole week on what that build or acquisition was and its details, like your isolation curtains, etc, etc.

  6. briant
    briant says:

    Cool. And great work.

    That bit on the trailer with the three (3) black strips – is that a walkway for launching and retrieval or ??

    • Eric Z
      Eric Z says:

      Hi Briant, yes, it was a factory walk board for launch & retrieval. See red arrows below. My ’56 gator trailer is missing it and I’m tired of balancing on the wet trailer to hop in and out on my ramp. Really need a launch walk on the side. they even had Gator Grip Tape back then !

  7. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I failed to notice at any time I was in that mega shop/man cave, that the shaft was a 20? I would think that rare for the period?
    Bet you could find a 15 to convert to easier than the other way around. That unit is low slung as is. Interesting to see how she performs.

    John in Va.

  8. Doug in Maine
    Doug in Maine says:

    Can I ask specifically what made these boats leak and sink? Very cool trailer and after launch and retrieve here in Maine this weekend some kind of walking plank looks like a great idea!

  9. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I believe the “Leak and Sink” nickname was a comment on the original build quality/seal between the hull and deck sections/moldings. I suspect that won’t be an issue with this restoration. 🙂 The boat should have a short shaft lower unit unless that is an hydraulic plate assembly that will allow the skipper to adjust the height and trim of the motor. Otherwise, there will be a ton of drag and – as mentioned above – a fair amount of spray up the transom when underway on a plane.

  10. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    yeah, I think the Leak and Sink was just a smear that was convenient and will not come in to play on this restoration for sure! I too have concerns about the 20 vs 15…but Eric will figure it out and a sea trial will be called for no matter….
    John in Va.

  11. Eric
    Eric says:

    OK, here’s something I thought I would never say/ post…..”I am concerned regarding how my long shaft will perform”.

    • Greg W
      Greg W says:

      Sorry,Eric, but you are going to need a short/standard/15in. shaft for your boat to perform above displacement speed.

      • Eric Z
        Eric Z says:

        yep, stupid to overlook this after detailing everything else. A pretty easy solution has been prescribed…..I won’t get back to the workshop till July. June is full of family stuff, grad trip, grad to masters school trip, etc (yea the kid is going to MIT) the smart one…he’ll never let me here the end of this !

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