The Lake Dorona Awards Are In.


Restored, Repurposed, and Right In Time!

We have breaking news. Even the judges dont know what won at the First Lake Dorona Virtual Boat Show. Oh, it got ugly. Lots of fights, and payoff’s bribes, it was a ship show. just the way we like it, but say we don’t . So here goes. What could go wrong? or right?

Best Engine.

Best way to deal with this crap!

Best place to be

Best Troy babe

Or maybe?

Best live report

The Traveled the furthest award.. Larry..

Best use of a towel

Best Pre Social distancing award.

Best Post Social Distancing Award

Best idea of the week. Social Distance Grid to keep it all alive.

Best Copyright infringement in the comment section

Best new food hangout – Pi Rats Cove

Best reaction to a bunch of Women driving better than 99% of all men

Best use of Hamburger – Now impossible to find

Best.. Best.. I have no idea, the judges are still debating this one.

Best Friends! Yes.. Thats Carla.

The award for most prepared porta potty hoarder

And without further adoooo, the BEST OF SHOW. Now rephrased. THE BEST OF NO SHOW !!!!!

The toughest choice award. Goes to the Sunnyland gang for making the right call. I know it was a tough one, but looking back through where we are today. The right call.

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  1. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    Boat is going in the water today to celebrate the Dorona Awards Show. Hoping to catch sight of some Troy babes…

    • Bob Murdock
      Bob Murdock says:

      It’s wonderful to know that among all our friends, the biggest piece of crap engine can win a prize!!!
      Even virtual, it now puts the pressure on to find bigger pieces of crap to bring in for review.
      Stay tuned……….!!!!!

  2. mike baron
    mike baron says:

    This was to be my first sunnyland show as their announcer. Was hoping to announce those awards. I made it there for the show but life goes on. Friday drove over to lake dora, it was almost spooky quiet. I got to see the show site and just knew this was a great spot for the show. Terry invited me back for next year for the show so all is not lost , just have to wait a year. Next up wine country chapter show in hammondsport then on to clayton ABM show. Hope to see you all there
    mike baron

  3. Shep on Lake Shafer IN.
    Shep on Lake Shafer IN. says:

    Just got back from Lake Dora to this crappy weather?
    We were just boating in 87 degree weather on Friday.
    I did get a lot of good boating while there!
    Garwood is safe in her heated garage before this started!

  4. Shep on Lake Shafer IN.
    Shep on Lake Shafer IN. says:

    FYI Shannon nice picture! You were having fun that day!
    Pi rats Oasis looked like this on Tuesday!

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