The Last Sausage Of The Year!

Better than rust!

Well, here it is, one more year of daily dribble. Bad spelling, poorly researched stories and every now and then, gold. And before we kick off the new year of 2019, how about some left over sausage tid bits. These are tid bits that didnt even make sausage days. We are literally using up all the eyeballs and private parts to clean out the bottom of the barrel. Like Scrapple! Rest assured, we do have some full stories for 2019 that came in last week. Its all a blur to be honest. I had to look at my calendar to see if it was Monday? I always take off the week between Christmas and New Years and try and avoid any agenda or schedule. That is my gift to myself. Since my entire rest of life is divided into 15 minute slots with deadlines and spinning plates. Doing this is sometimes the only time of the day in which I get to not worry. Hence the dribble, bad spelling and poor research. Kinda like Jazz. Its all there, but …. Oh never mind, a little too much New Orleans left over. Enjoy the sausage and Happy New Years Eve!

Another slide from Last Sausage Day! Front of car On Ebay

I love old slides because the color is so correct and is timeless.On Ebay

Scottie Craft Pin up gal

Back to the slides. Love this shot – On Ebay

California Post Cards

Model on ebay! Love this art

The Nutmeg State. Yup! Says it all.

The Friendly City. now thats good copy!

And this entire 1956 MasterCraft Trailer Brochure

All the accesroies


All the diferent models.

Old photo of Miss Lake George V? Not sure what number it is. On ebay

This very cool 1968 Larson Brochure


Set up like a storyboard for TV.

Very cool color play

Gotta love ebay. Buy the light? Soup included?

This was going to be a series of stories on Size Matters. But never could get it going. Which of course is maybe an argument for size mattering.

We hope we have entertained everyone in 2018. And look forward to a fun 2019. Only 3 months til lake Dora and boating season!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Matt, thanks for a great 2018 and all your help on making our Port Huron party rock! For our Michigan gang, Boat the Blue was the highlight of our year. Looking forward to boating in 2019.

    • Flash
      Flash says:

      Did anyone hear anything about a big boat show in Michigan this Summer? Doesn’t seem like it got any press.

  2. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Size wise, woody boaters will never be the biggest group of boat enthusiasts, but they’ll always be the BEST. Happy New Year!

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      You may be surprised. last year we had over 200,000 visitors to the site. Over 60% return, so thats around 110,000 people. On any given day 2000 of them visit. We get around 4500 views a day. Which means those 2000 look at several things. All this makes my head hurt trying to figure out our size. But I say its safe to say conservatively, its around 25,000 regular readers. Yup! Which by comparison makes Woody Boater almost triple the size of any Classic Boat org. We don’t charge a membership, dues to make the world of classic boats open to all.

  3. George Emmanuel
    George Emmanuel says:

    Seeing the pages of the Mastercraft trailers makes me think a thread on vintage trailers, since they provide a much softer ride, would be interesting on WB’r….And yes Wilson, the Gator game was a great ending to a turnaround season!

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Thanks for another 365 days of daily enjoyment from WoodyBoater. I hope 2019 brings much sucess for you and look forward to another 365 days of WoodyBoater enjoyment.
    Like mentioned above I also look forward to renewing ole aquaintances at Tavares. For our Yankee friends, it is 68 degrees and sunny here in N. Florida today….Come on down…the water is fine.

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Thanks Matt for another grate yur! Best to all in the coming one.
    Like Jim, looking forward to Dora….Keys before that….and Going Boating more in 19.

    John in Va.

  6. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Another year of reading
    “FIRST THING” each morning. Proud to say I am one of those 25000 visitors.
    We all marvel, at how the heck you pull it off faithfully each day.
    Happy New Boatin’ Year to all my friends on this site and in the Classic boating hobby that I have met over the past several years.
    Dennis and Ronnie

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I think Don Palmer has a line on a Mastercraft… Matt- Thank you for your continued, amazing support of this hobby/obsession/sickness we all share – we are forever indebted!

    Happy New Year! Here’s to 2019 – the memories to be made on the water and in the shop! 🙂

    • Don Palmer
      Don Palmer says:

      I agree 100% that we are all indebted to you Matt. We enjoy your efforts every day. Thanks and Happy New Year!

      But Dick, did you have to bring up my dirty laundry? Here I am trying to secretly enjoy Woody Boater when I just purchase a plastic boat! At least it is a classic so ACBS can’t kick me out!

  8. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Happy New Year to you Matt, and also to Suzi. Like Dennis I read it everyday. We owe you a lot for getting this out everyday! Happy New Year to all you WoodyBoaters out there.🍻 Keep your Wood shiney and you grain streight. A new year resolution should be to “get out there more”

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