The Marsden’s Use An Age Old Trick To Win At Skaneateles


Katelyn Marsden brings some heat to the show

Katelyn Marsden has learned all the tricks from her dad Syd on how to take home a trophy at any boat show. The fun part is that this little pink Century we all love, needs little help winning the hearts and minds of fellow Woody Boaters. But the Marsden’s ramped it up to an extreme this past weekend in NY. One word!

New pink uniforms, pink babe cushions.

No one stood a chance

Even the nail polish works

BABES! Yup, an age old trick, and guess what? It still works. *******Now for the record to all those horrified that I used the term Babe for these smart women, who worked the show like a Stradivarius. The term Boat Babe is a term used back in the day to describe the models who would pose. So technically this was a correct prop used at the show. As in Correct for the time. So no points could be deducted.


Now, Katelyns Century would have been named boat of the year…the Century, except for one glaring mistake. Can you spot it! Or should I say HIM! Like a scratched record. Oh SYD! SYD, SYD, SYD.. She was so close to pulling it off. And you…you BUZZ KILLER! Not that you are a GUY,, but Katelyns DAD! Father! POP.. You might as well been caring a shot gun with you.

Syd trying to blend in. Oh I love your hair today, you must tell me all about it. Arnt men just all pigs? Us girls….. SYD!!!!Oh SYD!!!

All kidding aside. She won Peoples Choice.. Of Course, I love it, and Katelyn brings a smile and good belly laugh today! Stay tuned we have more images from the Skaneateles show!

Katelyn and Dad out having some dad daughter time! Love and family are the most powerful force on earth. Thanks to the Marsdens for that reminder. Oh and hopefully a good sense of humor.

So much better without SYD!

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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    What a show!! Thanks Syd, Katelyn, and the other girls. Oh and it’s a nice boat also. Very Classy!!

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Work it girls, congratulations. I wonder what reaction you’d get from a boat full of guys with color matching outfits to the hull, lol.

  3. tom
    tom says:

    Used to see the Marsdens and their pink Century at Lke. Hopatcong show, Lke. George too, I think. Haven’t seen them in a couple of years.

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