The Mercury Clock Is Ticking. Less than Two Weeks til The Mecum Kissimmee Auction.

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And yes the clock will be in the auction

Do you have your bid number yet? It’s gonna be a fun auction with the usual drama and popcorn.. Hundreds of amazing cars, and some very very special boats. Also full coverage on TV, so you can sit at home and live life through others..But to be there live is a fun weekend for sure. Chances are it will be in the 70’s and near Orlando, drop the kinders at Disney and you get to bask in a sea of tire shine and nervous owners and anxious buyers. Its reality TV at its best. January 24-29 You can click here for more info.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    If you leave them @ Disney you’re going to drop a couple of C notes there that can better be used @ the auction. Seems a bottle of Benedryl in a milkshake would be cheaper and keep them quiet for the day.

  2. Scott Ales
    Scott Ales says:

    If you decide to attend you will be participating in History! This auction will offer over 2000 vehicles which is a new world record for collector cars at one event. And we have every intention of starting at least one of those Miller engines at the auction. It has been 80+ years since anyone has heard them actually in the boat running. Not sure if this link will work for everyone but, if the Millers sound anything like this BRM…..

    • Tritone
      Tritone says:

      Made my morning! (esp @ about 4:oo)

      tho I expect the Miller to sound different…the BRM was turning 10,000+ in that recording.

  3. Scott Ales
    Scott Ales says:

    Lot number Z851 under memorabilia,

    I agree on the 10,000 rpm. The Millers will sound different but there just isn’t anything ever created that I know about yet like them. 1113 ci, that’s 70ci each cylinder! It’s just all the oddities together in one package. Big horsepower, big cubes, over head valves, high rpm, and 2′ long straight pipes. Does anyone know of any other engines worldwide this big and 16 cylinders with gasoline? The only thing I could find over the last two months of searching is this Chrysler IV-2220. Bigger but still not the same rpm range as the Millers.

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