The Most Incredible, Insane, Beautiful, Jaw Dropping Cool Boat Ever Made.

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The rumors have not been flying, and the secrecy of the deal where locked in a safe, I am sure a big safe BTW, but, then again, the term “PRICELESS” can’t unlock a safe. There has to be a very quiet, and secure hand off of sorts to the next generation of stewardship, when it comes to a work of art.


In your mind, you see it, here in pictures, and yet assume its not real, IT IS! Very real, and if you still do not believe thats is real, AND SPECTACULAR, You will have a once in a lifetime chance to see it in September at the Woods And Water event of the decade on Gull Lake. 

Even the switch is beautiful –

And there are far more little jewels to drool on


Now thats a cutwater.

STAY TUNED! You will not be disappointed.  And do not forget, today is Algonac, and we have a great story on Whitefish Bay to come, thank god, cause I can only use so many images of Stinky. MARK YOUR CALENDAR and make your plans to go to Minnesota this September. And once we have this deal confirmed, we will of course update. She should have made it to Gull Lake late last night. It’s an amazing story

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    WOW. You are killing me with what I am missing by not going to Woods and Water.
    Algonac day 2. Tiger Lily will be giving some boat rodes!

  2. Dan Overbeek
    Dan Overbeek says:

    Cool photos as always, from Mr Lapkin. Can’t wait for the rest of the story. I’m going to Algonac today!

  3. Gary W Van Tassel
    Gary W Van Tassel says:

    The fin and cut water are give aways. Got to be Henry Kaiser’s Hornet II. Gar Wood / Howard Hughes collaboration. Saw that boat under cover at Sierra Boat Works when i purchased the Kavalk 19.

  4. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Yep that’s Hornet right there. For me, she is the most fabulous boat I’ve ever seen. I had the privilege of touring through the back rooms of Sierra Boat Co a few years ago and there she was. No mistaking her despite being under a translucent plastic sheet and tucked in between many other valuable boats. She is truly sublime.

  5. Lew Dobbins
    Lew Dobbins says:

    Happy for John. Sad for Tahoe. It is a long story leading up to Hornet II finally making it to Gull Lake. Many people involved in her ownership, research and restoration and current engine. Thank you to Jim Koch, Bill Hutchens for their stewardship in the project while they owned her. And a large list of us with her restoration and re-birth. The picture above of her Packard, Capitol marine converted, 1A-1237 is beautiful and she looked amazing mounted inside Hornet. She is safe and will soon be on display on Tahoe’s North Shore. The Rover Meteor Mk-4b V-12 indeed makes her a daily driver and a fun boat to drive. She has come a long way since this August 2005 photo. Her hull had just recently been restored by the late Tony Brown and she is seen here at the Tahoe Yacht Club 2005 Concours d’ Elegance prior to her next chapter.

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