The New ACBS Rudder, One Word. WOW!


As many of you know I am out there hammering on the ACBS for lack of online substance. But I must say that when it comes to the Rudder it’s offline publication and putting on shows it does an amazing job. This latest issue of the Rudder is fantastic. There are great stories and coverage of the shows and the folks that make up the ACBS. One article stands out though, Designer and Illustrator Jack Brouwer of Grand Rapids, Michigan and his work for Century Boats in the 1950’s. Written by Dennis Hartnett of the Rudder staff. The Century Boat Company understood the power of great design and image use. Jack’s work is a huge part of that image. I might even say better than real life. The image/fantasy that Jack was able to capture still is true today, and in the end work that is timeless is always the sign of genius. The Rudder article has done a great job of giving Jack and others this Spring an opportunity to shine. Not to mention this weeks Woody Boater babe… Woohoo.. Way to go.