The New Brass Bell Is Here! The New Brass Bell Is Here!


Just like Steve Martin in the movie the Jerk regarding his first time being published in the phone book. We are somebody. I am so happy to see this months Brass Bell. We are in it. More than just gigabytes floating in space looking for a warm body at a key board. We are in print. Wooohoooo. You can actually touch something with the Woody Boater name on it. I can not think of a better publication to be our first stab at this. OK , we had to buy our way in. Regardless we are in. What an amazing magazine, somehow, it gets better each issue. The cover photo, of Miss Arrowhead, Al Schinnerers 1940 27 foot Chris Craft Racing Runabout by Don Ayers has to be one of the nicest classic boat shots in years. The entire publication is getting sharper and sharper. Even the advertisers are doing better. No more business card stuff crammed into the back. Way to go Bill. My hat is off to you…again.