The Newest Member Of The Fleet. The Boatress Gets A Boat!



So as reported yesterday we did a drive back from…… New Jersey, at Katzs Marina where this little time capsule 1958 Cavalier was waiting all winter for us to bring her home. I was up there for an Award show for work, we did well BTW, and I was able to pop up to Katzs and pick up the boat and tear on home. 10 hrs later I made it home. Yesterday I just kinda walked around in a daze. But all good now. One quick boat ride in WECATCHEM and all is well in the world.

Alan from Katzs is some where in there.


Okay, the boat! Its a 1958 17′ Cavalier. Its perfect, simple and we can just use it. She will get a fresh coat of paint, and we are WoodyBoating.

Headed out of hybernation

The best part is she has the $100 optional fiberglass bottom coating, which explains how she is dry as a bone.

Twin Carb goodness


Starts right up.

Her engine. This is the best part. A original perfect KFL, runs like a charm and you know this little thing will git up and go.

And if it rains, it has gutters already!

We have been looking for a fun plop in the water goto woody boat and this is perfect. The Boatress can zip around the creek in style, the dogs can do there thing and have fun.


On her borrowed trailer! SPEEDBOAT OUTLAWS RULE!

That Katzs Krew is the best around! Amazing

Ready to leave. I could have stayed all day/week/month/year..

Stop in Penn, I normally take a longer way home, it usually takes less time.

Lots of stops.

Backed her into the office apt, but had to leave last night to make it for a meeting in Reedville in the morning. This caused a 3 hr delay. UGH

The good news. The roads to Reedville are all country roads. Yes I was standing in the street.

Home in the HQ barn. Next step, clean up, colors and name!

There ya have it. The naming will be fun, she was found in a “LOVERS CAMP” in PA.. I really don’t want to know what that is to be honest. Sounds hairy! But great name fodder. And sorry, the reds GOTTA GO! I know its original, BUT!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    You are going to need more water frontage and dock space soon, but please go easy on photoshopping out the neighborhood.

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    HAHAHA thats a story now. Yes, I photo shopped out a persons house to see if we bought that house and they died the next day! YIKES.

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nice boat, but not sure about the glass bottom. I will look forward to see how you change the color theme. Fine with that. It’s your boat and you can make it what you want it to be!

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      The bottom was a $100 option from Chris Craft. A fiberglass cover of sorts up to the chime. Jimmys Cavalier has it as well. Game changer.

      • thomas dial
        thomas dial says:

        I have a cavalier with the fiberglass bottom and the bottom is the only thing left of it, the plywood delaminated all the way down to the chines. I think it just gave up the ghost.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:


      I am extremely skeptical of any boat that has had glass added over old wood. Too much risk of trapping in a problem that can then grow unseen. These cavaliers are different because the glass was applied to new plywood right from the factory. It is a bottom construction that has lasted for 60 years so far on a number of these boats.

  4. David
    David says:

    Sounds like you alresdy have a name. Lovers Camp. Since you love your boats and now have a camp full of them…………..

  5. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    The more boats Matt gets, the better we all look. “See honey, it could be worse”!

  6. Randy
    Randy says:

    As a kid in the mid-’50’s that little 15′ Cav utility was my dream! And that 15′ single cockpit Cav runabout was somethin’ else.

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