The Number One Best Varnish Lessons On Earth, No Really, He Is From England.

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I know that many of us can go anyplace on youtube and watch any lesson you want on just about any subject. And yes, that includes Varnishing. Not to mention many have talked about it in books, forums and so on. Back in the good old days, the ACBS put on seminars teaching folks such things. So, thats now out of the way. But the other day I found out about this guy. Dan Lee Boat Building, and a course in anything you need to know about varnishing. It’s around $150 for access to a ton of his videos, and it’s worth every penny.

Comparing varnish brands and how they work

FOR THE RECORD, he is NOT a sponsor, I paid 100% for the course, and in fact he has no idea I am doing this. This is important to say, because sometimes I get stuff and I push it out. I found this on my own, and he is from England, so you have to do some conversions. Anyway.

Very well done graphics and every question you have wondered about.

Why is it good.? Well, glad I asked for you. One, he breaks it down to small snacks, two, he is objective, and takes his time to explain each detail. He is self deprecating, and gets that this is not the end all on varnish, but keeps to the basics. No one that I know breaks it all down like this. He really does an amazing job, just teaching. These are lessons. Period.

The course paid for its self in the first two classes for me. I had been doing something wrong I didn’t understand. Thanks Dan Lee!

I have varnished stuff for years, messed up, had magical moments, and yes, had the full Katz’s spa treatment as you all are aware of. And yes, I know some rather insane tricks of the trade. but I learned a ton of stuff just in the first three episodes. Me, THE WOODY BOATER? The Sons Of Varnish guy, took a course and learned something. So, while its still cold, try it, there is one free class on rolling and tipping.

When you get to the site, click on this image, its a teaser of sorts. Scroll down on the page and there is a sample class. I didn’t embed these so you would go to the site and see how it all works. VERY WELL DONE BTW.

But trust me, the other stuff is great and worth it. Hell, have you priced a can of varnish lately? Ya, so quit your bitching, open up your tight ass cheeks, and go for it. Nothing is sadder or expensive than a crappy varnish job.

HERE IS THE LINK.  BTW, no coeds in the class to distract you, although he does cover stripping, so there is that.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Very interesting!

    Will probably purchase and watch at some point, but not right now. I always like honing my skills.

    Lifetime access, or until he goes the way of Danenberg and so many others.

  2. William Hammond
    William Hammond says:

    Thanks Woody!! I like your post this morning. Good info. Yes I’m going to have to purchase. Too bad I couldn’t go in person. I would get a lot out of a class with this guy.

  3. Jim G
    Jim G says:

    Well. The first thing you don’t do is pop the bungs out with the finish on unless your not reusing the wood. Guaranteed to chip the wood around the bung hole.

    • John
      John says:

      Chipped bung holes – your point is well taken.

      I chipped a bung hole a few days ago which I attribute to some nonskid we bought on sale and it ending up on a toilet roll.

      Great post today Matt – thank you

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