The Perfect Plan To Be Safe At Lake Dora. The Social Boating Distancing Grid! BREAKING NEWS SHOW POSTPONED! REFRESH TO READ NEW STORY AT TOP OF PAGE!

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That’s my tent area. STAY AWAY you potentially sick bastards. No offense.

I decided to put my 6th grade education to work for the safety of us all at Lake Dora this week. The other 10 years of education are yelling at me to stay clear. So I invented this sure fire way for my heart and brain to work this out.

I did some gazintas and ciphering.

Now, this may cause some issues with people that don’t read Woody boater, but I propose the Lake Dora The SOCIAL BOATING DISTANCING GRID!  Oh, I know, impressive isn’t it? Times like this can test ones imagination to help us all. I give this with hope that it will help us all keep our distance out on the water.

Genus! The Social Boating Distancing Grid!

Here is how it works. Think Oklahoma Land Rush. That worked out great. You pick your grid area. Thats yours. All set. I picked mine first. I OWN THOSE DOCKS BITCHES! Okay, okay, Sorry, I am willing to share.. For a t shirt purchase.

MINE! ZOOMED in, I created little channels so you can go through someones grid. Genus is in the details.

Now, the area around the Dora Canal is a bit tough, and we all need to share that since we will be so close. I propose a 20 ft distance between each other. WARNING, I WILL HAVE MACE.. And Bleach – No offense..

if you cough, some of that could hit you if you are too close. With in shooting distance.. no offense

Now, if you leave your grid in the Corona Chanel, then you are in a way abandoning your grid area, and others can fill it. So, you will have to find another grid to go around in circles in. Sounds like fun.. Right.. and right, and right, and right..

This could work.

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  1. Ranger
    Ranger says:

    Would you put our grid within t-shirt cannon distance of yours, you know close enough to watch but…

  2. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Matt, I always thought of you as a round peg in a square hole kind of guy but now I’m seeing you as just plain square. Maybe it would help if you used octogons instead of squares and then you could have a honeycomb grid instead. It seems the work for bees.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Troy and Sandi are asleep in my house….I am in the boatshop…
    Dora under negotiation.

    John in Va…..

  4. Gene Oldster
    Gene Oldster says:

    I just saw the following CDC advice

    “Florida should cancel all gatherings of 250 people or more and schools should consider extending spring break, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced in a state-specific guidance about the coronavirus Thursday night.”

    What liability do organizers of such events who disregard this advice incur? Just asking!

  5. Scott M Ales
    Scott M Ales says:

    Before you make a decision on this event, consider this informative and serious discussion..

  6. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    So before all the walls go up and the interstate travel and shipping is secured, I want to put dibs in for a sons of varnish shirt, and two of the cushions, and a couple of tees… 🙂 Hopefully they won’t put seaweed in all the waterways to stop all the boating.. 🙂 I hope the lawyers don’t pee on the parade… I know..I know.. all parades cancelled… can you say, metaphor …

  7. Bryguy
    Bryguy says:

    The optics of going forward with the show are going to impact how others view the hobby/ life style in a negative way. With all that’s going on this is showing how tone deaf we have become. I am in Florida from the Great White North planning on attending but now we are not.
    When someone becomes ill after the attending the show Dewey, Screwem and Howe will be pressing lawsuits for sure. Can you manage the risk?
    Sometimes the right thing is the hard thing…

  8. Scott M Ales
    Scott M Ales says:

    It’s pretty basic, if I told you 100 Italians were coming to your community would you be happy about that?

    The Central Florida area is has the highest population of elderly in the country. It is well documented that persons can have the CV without knowing it. Do you really feel the show has value over that risk?

    As a permanent resident of Eustis, I sincerely hope this event does not take place. Not for my own best interest, but for the many dear and elderly friends I have here.

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