The Perfect Trio Of Weekend Heroes Share An Amazing Video!

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Film Clip from A Perfect Trio Of Weekend Heroes

The social media world exploded yesterday on Facebook with folks sharing this amazing video of what are lovingly called The Perfect Trio Of Weekend Heroes.

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Hold on!

Filmed at Starnbergersee near Munich Germany. Living proof that our affection for cool stuff is universal. Weekend Heroes is a wonderful company in Munich that produces amazing film and also sells very cool classic stuff.

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What a cool place on the lake

So in a very innovative way, what you are watching is a commercial. Produced to go viral, which is happening right now. WOW. Its brilliantly done, we love seeing new ways to market stuff, and even more thankful for filling three minutes of my day with a smile, knowing that there are Woody boaters all over the planet.

We told you it was cool. You can find out more about Weekend Heroes HERE

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Awesome Video!

    Haven’t wake surfed in years. May have to try that again. Would be a real hoot behind AB.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Don’t do it Troy!!!! You are not young anymore so no matter how much fun you have at first, it is going to hurt a lot more the next day.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Interesting choice of music. Instead of a period piece from the 60’s they went with a new song from a new band (Welshly Arms). I guess that is probably more “hip” with the younger target. Not that I would have selected something different, I would have just listed the stuff on Craigslist with some blurry photos takes in the dark and at poor angles.

  3. Jon H
    Jon H says:

    To a kid who spent my youth on the water in now classic boats, and using IH scouts as family and hunting vehicles, this flick is elicits a body slam of memories. The two classic boats are already in the two car garage, and I’m trying to figure out how to get a Scout in there too!

  4. Cobourg Kid
    Cobourg Kid says:

    The Riva footsge is definitely cool but the title of this short is just plain too long and too wrong.

    Maybe it’s a German translation problem, or perhaps the annoying sound track, but In my book “Weekend Hero’s” is a term that should be strictly reserved for those guys and girls who spend time at boat shows, directing traffic , answering show goer questions, raising money for charitable causes, running kids and adults around in classic boats ( for free) just to introduce them to the hobby and / or helping their less adept friends load and unload boat trailers and happily dive in to fix their mechanical or other issues

    What should the Vidio be called? How about “last chance Riva riders”

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Good Lord! Could your world view be any more myopic and self centered? They are Germans with a passion for classic cars and a flair for marketing. I would doubt they have ever been to a North American style boat show or have ever heard of the ACBS. They have every right to enjoy their weekends with the machines that they feel a connection to.

      To say the term “Weekend Heroes” should be strictly reserved for our hobby only, and for that matter a specific subset of our hobby is insanely ridiculous. To them the classic cars are the “Weekend Heroes” and we should all be happy that they would welcome a classic wood boat into their fold and include it as one of the three “Weekend Heroes” in this video production. They are being inclusive and should be applauded because in their own way they have become an ambassador for our hobby. Your strict exclusion-ism approach is a tremendous detriment to our hobby and to the future of wooden boating. Please get a grip.

      • Cobourg Kid
        Cobourg Kid says:

        Thanks for the comment. Michael, but I don’t agree with your suggestion that I am being “myopic”.

        Fact is I’m looking at the big picture . To me the word “Hero” is not a word to be tossed around lightly.

        A”hero” is someone who does good deeds , puts the community before self and tries hard to set a good example for others to emulate.

        Frankly anyone with enough money can cruise around in a Riva with his or her buddies and not do a darn thing to help the woody boater community or the community at large.

        In other words deeds matter.

        Let me be clear. I personally think Riva’s are super cool boats, have no problem with the ad content, or anyone having fun in boats , heck I do it all the time.

        What I do have is a problem with, however, is applying the word “Hero” to insinuate that all of those mundane activities make the crew and perhaps the boat valorous.

        Let’s save the word “Hero” for those who really deserve that title.

    WOODYDIVA says:

    Love love love this! It was fresh and incredibly sexy! Everything about this is what I believe will get a new audience into our hobby. The music, the over head shots, the Rolex close-ups, the guy in the cool suit! ( The Riva etc was obvious eye candy and the sunny-side-up-babe-orino of course )
    Amen, get OFF your electronic devices and go smell some fumes….get high on classic beauty!

  6. jfkarlson
    jfkarlson says:

    This is a great example of the buzz-worthy marketing trend, “content marketing” — or what in the old days we used to call, “storytelling.” Love it.

  7. Herb Hall
    Herb Hall says:

    Anyone catch that two Aristons were used. The 1964 boat is not the one used for the water shots. Look carefully for the details.

  8. Reddog
    Reddog says:

    Did anyone else watch the other available weekend hero’s videos. There is the Lamborghini muira vid ad BMW vid. Those are pretty neat too.

  9. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Sorry, I’m 65 and don’t get any of it. Pretty pictures in the video but can’t figure out who the “hero” is. Nothing much media related makes much sense to me anymore. I guess I’ve finally made it “over the hill”. Seriously, the cost of producing that video leaves little if any profit from the sale of the boat, car and vintage SUV. Well, I’m going to have a warm glass of bourbon and go to bed.

    • Steve Anderson
      Steve Anderson says:

      Amen, I loved it.

      Honestly, I think Weekend Hero’s is the name of the company selling all the cars and boats and putting together the productions. They probably buy cool retro items, clean them up, mark them up considerably, market them to a hipster audience with expendable cash, and make a fine product. What a great business case for an out-of-work ad guy.

  10. Matt
    Matt says:

    Having worked on many international campaigns, each culture uses terms differently. Hero in some cultures is a more Idol like word, rather than a man or person. In a sense, these idol like cars and boats, save your weekend from being boring. I love that these guys are pushing the envelope here and rethinking how to market stuff. As to the money about the video. Think about it this way, we all now know who these folks are. So its a commercial about the company and a lifestyle magnet. We all saw ourselves in this. So, we are likely to call these guys who “get us” to find cool stuff to save our weekends form the bordum of a new Toyota and mowing the lawns. And to me, that makes these guys Weekend saviors, Weekend heroes!

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