The Photographic Art Of Tahoe By Steve Lapkin Captures The Warmth Of Tahoe


Happy people, vita amorosa!

We have been having fun with featured boat shows the past couple years. During the show we try and report on the news as its happening, and near the then, is when the real art comes out. These are the select shots that are far more than editorial coverage, they are shot through and edited through an artists eye. They capture the mood of the show, which to us here at Woody Boater is the entire point of a show.  Steve Lapkin from Lake Tahoe knows how to do that.. You know Steve’s work from previous years, and this year he did not disappoint. So happy Monday!

The Roar Off is a great feature of the Tahoe Show

Love this photo!

Riva cover.

Supercharged Hemi Cobra. GAAAAA!

25 Sportsman Dash!

Thunderbird detail!

LOVE the reflection of the tents. Wonderful symmetry.

Gar Wood waves

More 25 Sportsman dash art

Happy people

Real happy people

A little too happy…people

V12 Jag engine! Wow

T-44 4 ever!

High 5 wave

That is the smile of contentment!

The reflection in the light is perfect. Wonderful

25 Sportsman with a cool siren.

Dang, they sure are happy there

Dash – Century

Still life of a winner

Barrel Back possibly a 1940-41 My favorite design

Lots O’ power

Reflection perfection

Oh that Yellow Riva! Favorite boat of the show for me! Captures the fun of boating.

A stunning Panoramic shot of the show in the morning

Vents, Siren, Light, flag perfection. Each piece a work of art unto themselves. All put together on a rich wood canvas.

When you look at a small part of the boat you realize the absolute genus of it all. Pure art for the sake of beauty,and yet functional

Such art isnt just reserved for Italians. GarWood sure had a style

Who says dock shots are crap… Oh wait, that’s me.. Nevermind!

“someone” needs to talk to this owner about the lame ass art killer key float. Really? REALLY! You spend a bazillion hours on the restoration, carefully choose the correct green so it feels timeless, make sure the gauges are just so. Twin engines… And a day glow blue foam walmart float. AHHHHHH! NO SOUP FOR YOU!

See, a little simple off white monkey fist , feels organic and timeless. Key chains are like a cheap belt on a fine suite. Now about that line around the sterring wheel.

Very cool. Copper .. see, thats how its done!

If you want to see more of Steve’s work here is his website. CLICK HERE



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  1. Duster
    Duster says:

    Great shots Steve. Don’t know how you got those long lens shots as we were rocking back and forth in the chop!
    ”An old camera with moving mirrors.” Ha!

      STEVEN A LAPKIN says:

      Duster, et al……there’s never enough time on-the-water, on any day, to satisfy! Heavy lenses, and all, I enjoy the elements and working environment, regardless. MAHALO to all for being such great photo subjects!!! (THANK YOU MATT for selecting my clicks!) S

  2. Brian "safe boater" Flaherty
    Brian "safe boater" Flaherty says:

    That was my first question! I would guess that most of those full boats during the roar off did not have sufficient PFDs for the number of passengers on board. The cover photo Riva is at maximum capacity for number or people and based on the waterline I would guess at least a couple hundred pounds over the weight capacity… It’s a good thing this show is such a big deal around Tahoe or I would suspect that the local fuzz might be more willing to stop some of these boats.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I like the blue float better than the monkey fist, but it could be better color coordinated. I like to start with a white foam as a base, then I cover it with mud, blood, and motor oil so it perfectly matches the rest of the interior.

    • Ron y.
      Ron y. says:

      Blue floater was complimentary from show sponsers…Porsche dealer.

      We thank our sponsors and appreciate their enthusiasm.
      All good.

      Ron y.

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