The Plaid Rocket Has A New Name!


The Plaid Rocket in the varnish booth at Katz’s Marina

Looks like we have a winner winner chicken dinner for the naming of the Plaid Rocket. Oh, you want to know the name? Sure, just read on!

She is Plaidtastic!

Thanks to all our readers and close to 90 comments. What a fun day. Some very fun favorites were “Checkered past” BTW, a fantastic name for a vintage race boat. Another fun name was “Scotch & Water” Great name, but its a drinking and boating thing. Are we PC, kinda when it comes to that. And a team favorite that wasn’t mentioned. Feo IV to along with all the Thayer IV boats Katzs Has. Feo, is a slang way to say ugly. So it was a negative play on the interior. But why focus on the negative when many think its cool as heck! So…

The red outline is great and contrasts the yellow bottom to come and picks up on the red in the plaid

Red, yellow, green all in one harmonic cushion

Alan’s gold leaf is amazing how he can get an effect of light with a soft touch

Alan Johnson did a fun job in a 1950’s ish Alan Johnson type look. And the name is all about the good, not controversy. Personally as you know we here LOVE it for its uniqueness and effort by Katzs Marina to bring new fun things to the culture.

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  1. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    wow only 1 response at 14oo in the central zone. i guess the crew wants more boat love and less plaid!

    i too like the name, though i like scotch & water too, how come we are pc with booze but not the love!

  2. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    Great name. I like the plaid and enjoy seeing a plaid interior once in awhile. That is going to be a great looking boat.

  3. sandy
    sandy says:

    Wonderful Gold Leaf work… but the name sounds too much like plastic to me…I was a scotch and water fan.:)

  4. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Sorta forgot what I voted for….Oh yeah, MacRocket. Still like it. I always have a tough time when my candidate loses. Yet, I still vote. One has to….it’s the American way.

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