The Real Fine Classic Boat Art of Larry Steinrock

Fellow Woody Boaters.. Meet Larry Steinrock. I noticed Larry’s art on the web one day.. What I loved about it was that it captured the romance of the moment.. Lots of energy and his use of colors is correct to the period.. His art would fit into an old 1940’s home as well as one of those only seen on CSI Miami penthouse apartments.. Thats the sign of timeless art.. One might ask.. OK,  one just did.. me…  is Larry kin to another great timeless piece of art.. Ann Margrock?  No.. Ann is a cartoon.. Larry is the real deal.. Turns out Larry is an avid Woody Boater reader and totaly into classic boats.. 
Larry grew up on the Ohio River in Louisville Ky but it wasn’t until he was in his mid 20’s that he held the title to a ’49 22ft. Sportsman. 

Larry’s U22 after a big rain storm.. Back in the 70’s

Larry started drawing when I was 4 and  has’nt stopped yet and being around the water his whole life, it has always been  his best inspiration. It was only about a year ago that he decided to return to his roots and begun to do classic boat paintings. “It wasn’t until I researched on the internet that I recognized such a huge and loyal following. I found a niche that I was fairly familiar with”. 
“Morning Storm”
“Misty Morning”
“Glassy Morning”
Most of his paintings are done in oil, but just within the the last two years he has been using Corel paint on the computer. As Larry says.. ” It’s very similar to when I do commercial airbrush  illustration, except there is no mess!” 

“Best of Both Worlds”

“Jagboat” Inspired by an old Etype that Larry used to own.. Dear god.. Lucas electric and water.. Run larry.. Run!

Larry often use’s the sportsman model in his art, and only just discovered , through Woodyboater, of the “Utility” model that Chris Craft made. I have also discovered that there are many, many boats yet to paint.

“Foggy Creek”
“After Work”
“Paradise Found”

 Larry’s  wife calls him a” between boater”, and he still dreams of skimming across the early morning glass in that ole’ Chris. Mine had twin carbs, it sounded great even in idle.

“Summer Morning” This is the art in the header

Original oils sale for an average of $280.00 this is for an 18×24 size depending on the complexity of the over all subject  Most the art you see here, has already been sold to a collector in Canada But Larry holds all rights to his art, so posters can be had of all work for about $75ea.

“Late Summer Ride”

You can visit his website at His next series of paintings will be very large size, “Most of those of my memories of the Ohio River and the boats I was surrounded by although I’ll continue to do smaller work.” 

Thanks Larry for sharing your passion for Classic boats and your art.. Are you sure you don’t know Ann Margrock?


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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    He does nice work but the picture of his personal boat is my favorite. Give it a snappy title like "Forgotten Youth" and just frame it.

    His picture "Last Summer Ride shows that darn contrail that was in the news from California last week! How many unexplained rockets are out there?

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