The Real Runabouts Show At Lake Minnetonka No One Looked At.


What a great day on the lake, too bad there are no boats here to look at – Captains Choice: “Tally Ho”. owner Pete Byrnes, a Glen L homebuilt 16 and a half foot crackerbox powered by an OMC 302 V8. Home port Champlin, MN

Another huge thanks to Rabbit for sending in this report from Lake Minnetonka. I love these smaller shows that are the true heartbeat of our passion. EXCEPT, No one seems to actually be looking at the boats? mmmm? Take it way Mr Rabbit

Anyone see any boats here?

The Real Runabouts show at Lake Minnetonka
How many ACBS chapters put on not one, but two major shows every year? At The Land-O-Lakes Classic Boat Club ( officially known as BSLOL in honor of our late founder and icon Bob Speltz ) we’re over achievers. You’ve already seen the report from the big

There always seems to be something better on the other side of the dock and yet- Club Winner: “The King” owners Ed and Ryan Cox, a 28 foot Streblow custom, powered by twin 500 horsepower Crusader engines capable of 60 miles per hour.  Home Port Lake Geneva Wisconsin.

Gull Lake show at Bar Harbor, which is a can’t miss show with all the big guns. But BSLOL follows it up two weeks later with the Real Runabouts at Lord Fletcher’s on Lake

Even on land no one would look at the boats.. I mean look at that engine.. Look down.. Nope!

Minnetonka. This year the show was the same weekend as International in Vermont, so not only were some of the club’s most notable boats and many members there, but so were our judges, like the legendary Dan Nelson. But that didn’t stop the fun. Unfortunately, Friday’s traditional cruise of Lake Minnetonka was cancelled due to rain, but Saturday was spectacular. These September weekends might just be the best in the Upper Midwest.

Not gonna even look at my own boat!

Lake Minnetonka is one of our country’s premier woody boating lakes, so it’s not surprising that the docks were filled with spectators all day long. There was a great diversity of boats, from small outboards to Rivas, like Mark Setterholm’s perfect Riva Tritone “Bella Donna.” Minnesota built boats like Larson’s were well-represented, as well as classic glass.

Rivas no one is looking at. Okay maybe that lady

With so many judges in Vermont for International, the judging categories were slimmed down and all went to contemporary builds:


People’s Choice was presented to “Gatsby”,, owner Robert Alton, a 2021 28-foot Stancraft, powered by Viper V-10 500 horsepower engine. Home Port Wayzata, MN.

Gonna stand here and look at the dock.. Yup!

Twin Peaks? Ton of tetons? Barbarella? Miss Cold outside?



It was parked there two weeks ago.. OUCH! BTW I love these and that color is amazing

For gods sake, BEHIND YOU!

I swear I did not look for images of people looking away.. I love it.. A story in a story

Barn find art

Old folks looking for their engines? Anyone?

Nope, even Bug Bite gets the look away!

Maybe everyone was looking at these Minii Minnitonkas

I just need a little dock space

Shelby? No? Look?Nope!


This beautiful scene, and everyone is looking at?

WTH? I swear I did not edit these this way.. Its just cracking me up..

NO ONE? anyone see these amazing boats?


Dont watch your step.. Look at the boat


HEY! Look at my boat! HEy you! BTW, cool Whaler..

Nope! Not gonna look, Look Barb, Trees over there

Oh hell ya

(Side note: My own boat, a Gar Wood Ensign named “Rabbit” (just like me), didn’t make the trip from Balsam Lake, Wisconsin after my trailer was crushed by a falling oak. But at least I didn’t have COVID, Matt.)

Thank god for young fit beautiful people. Maybe he is looking at Miss Bullet-it Bra for another reason?


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Looks like a great venue with a super turnout of nice boats. The Minnesota guys are really getting into “go fasts”. A 15 ft. Glen L with a 302, the Stan Craft with the rumble seat and a Viper V-10 and whatever that thing is on the trailer with the engine that appears to be sitting on the deck!
    Thanks Rabbit and Matt for taking us to the show.

  2. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    A great turnout of very cool boats! Thanks for the report, Rabbit. Sorry to hear about your trailer – hopefully no other damage. What is the boat with the twin bow?

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Looks like a great show. Who cares if people are not looking at the cool boats. The showers brought their boats, they are enjoying them and the camaraderie. They are also enjoying the day. I think the people are enjoying the show also .They just are too cool to show it.

  4. tom
    tom says:

    Is the lake level low? or is that the norm? Docks look so high off the water. Love the bottom color on the Century on the trailer. Is that factory color?


      Yes the lake level is low. Twin Cities metro area is in a severe drought this year. But there is plenty of water to boat

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