The Semi – Full Story Behind The Couple In The Latest Brass Bell Woody Boater Ad.

Susan Bryson

The Happy Couple, Bob and Susan Bryson in Sweet Water. Photo Eric Frazier

This latest issue of the Brass Bell features some fantastic stories and as usual one of our center spread ads. The headline reads, “Boats Designed To Bring Couples Together, Even Married Ones. It still makes us laugh, since it’s true on so many levels.

Brass Bell Ad Marraige

Here is the ad and header today.

We here at Woody Boater love the opportunity to take new folks out on the boat, but to be honest, the time I spend with the Boatress alone are treasured moments and truly do soften the edge of living with an idiot like myself. Sometimes the entire ride can be silent, but so much is said with a smile and moment with your better half.


Bob does smile! – Photo Eric Frazier


Susan enjoying a magical day on the St Clair – Photo Eric Frazier

The couple in the ad is Bob and Susan Bryson and they live on Harsens Island and summer in the cool octagonal house we spent time at during the big show.

octoginal hose

The cool house that has a picnic during the annual Algonac Show

And owns an amazing marina and marine construction company in the area, called Tashmoo Marine up near Algonac and have been married for years and have a full boat load of kids…. Apparently this beautiful wife thing is normal up there in Michigan. Something about Island Life and having two week long summers helps. The boat is a very rare Chris Craft Racing Runabout named Sweet Water and spent part of its life in Australia. Bob and Sue have had the boat for close to 20 years.


Go Susan go! Lookn kinda lonely back there.. photo Eric Frazier


Susan and Bob

Thats better

harsons Split cockpit

For our long time readers, this image shot many years ago was one of our top headers and also an ad image. We were just driving down the street and there it was. Magic! Photo Texx

If you are not already a member of the Chris Craft Antique Boat club, you should be. The Brass Bell is an amazing publication and not only a drool fest, but has timely and insightful information. YOU CAN CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP.

Also if you want to see more of Algonac…guess what? There is a fantastic boat show in a couple weeks. June 24th YOU CAN READ MORE ABOUT IT HERE.

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  1. Flash
    Flash says:

    Great article and ad Matt. Thanks for your neverending support of the CCABC. This last issue is amazing as usual, and we have some great stories coming up. The Bryson’s island home is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.

  2. Mark edmonson
    Mark edmonson says:

    I enjoyed helping Bob and Sue restore their boat some 20 years ago. Look good Bob

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks for another GREAT story Matt. I was wondering about this add. Almost seems a little tong in cheek with Bob’s expression.

    Any chance he and Tommy are related?

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