The Tahoe Steves Shoot Out Ends With A Mike Drop.


Attention, Attention, we have some Steve Shoot out Stuff today

We got a wonderful batch of Lapkin eye candy yesterday. Roar off and other amazing imagery from The Big Lake Tahoe Show. And then Steve Natale went unconventional weaponry and in one simple idea, rounded out the event. I love these shoot outs. We get to see how artists think, and it shows us how it is an art after all.

Oh, I need to polish this.. Dear, more polish..

Watch this dear. No more kids!

The human side of walking through a show is what its all about. In a way, a show is a setting, a landscape waiting for the artist eye to capture for us all to bask in. One of my favorite quotes about art is from Bob Dylan. “The purpose of art is to stop time”. And of course another favorite from Mr Dylan which is true to my heart. “In this age of fiberglass, I’m searching for a gem.” Thankyou Mr Dylan, Mr Lapkin and Mr Natale.

We all want a ride on this work of art

Classic Lapkin

That water, that varnish.

I swear Lapkin nails this over and over again.

OH! Dam!

The Bridge To happiness… and other boats. And the bathroom..

The Roar off A la Lapkin

Everyone has a phone.

The back seat wave. Should we rename the back seat wave.. The Human Wake?

Oh hell ya! Apparently I am not the only one that wanted a ride. Or Duffle bag!

The “Ya, I am down here but still will try and wave” Wave

The phone wave

No, your other right.

The thumbs up wave.

There is always one nice one in the crowd

And yet, he is all alone in the back.

Classic roar off waves


Splish splash kinda wave

Out of focus but babes so who cares

Your other right.

LOVE the color match. Perfect Riva moment

A Clap.. Wow.. Innovative, and does capture some of the same emotion as a wave. OH and some of that Lapkin reflection gold… or more silver looking


We should ban all phones at the roar off’s

We need more young people.. Their waves are more straight.

The wave, the wave and point, and the Phone wave

Not sure whats happening here, but they are having one hell of a good time


Chrome, Wood, and the crisp dry air of Lake Tahoe

I am ready for my ride now!

Lapkin art, a texture of all thats beautiful about classic boats

Hatch open, jaws open

The Lapkin version of that Allison

Oh hell ya

The perfect burgee. PERFECT

The line up


Lapkin BW

And now Steve Natale steps in.. So Simple and yet, he know what we want. CRANK IT UP!

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  1. tom
    tom says:

    Love the blown early Hemi, like to see the boat it’s in, (hydroplane?) Need lot’s more of the video, the Lycoming is awesome.

  2. Duster
    Duster says:

    Wish I was there. Nice to see Sarah Lee the Blue Grey get awarded. What about Finito and Proto? Surely? What? Award shows eh

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