The “Trusty W” Is Done, Dilia Ding Dong Done And Ready!


Fresh paint!

Painted W Final Rear

Rebuilt Transmission!

Fresh outta the paint area and all detailed ready for the fresh bilge. The most fun part of all this is that no one will ever see all the perfect magic under the deck and engine cover. But I will know, and that’s part of the fun of a “prerestoric” classic boat. She has all her age out there to show off and be proud of.The dings, dents and scratches of fully lived summer days and sunsets. That’s Woody Boating. A huge thanks to the good team at Van Ness Engineering and Katz’s Marina for making this happen.

painted engine

Hang’n around and watching paint dry has never been this fun.

Painted W FUn

Final Painted W


Painted W Front cover

Cover on, tape off. Lets roll!

final painted engine 4

Momma mia thats some nice lookn engine stuff. Waht a perfect setting. Looks like art! Art that rumbles!

Painted final W

Ain’t she perdy all painted up?

A journey that started back in August when we picked her up and knew the inevitable. A huge thanks to Dave for doing this all online so folks could see the progress, and a massive thanks to all our readers for commenting along the way. Friday she gets installed water tested at Katz’s Marina. Now if only I could figure out to put the Trusty W on the bow to show off!

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  1. steve in the woods
    steve in the woods says:

    Beautiful! Hope they put hardened seats in…since there is no good fuel anymore.

  2. Bill Hensley
    Bill Hensley says:

    Looks a lot like the 6-cylinder 105 hp Chris Craft engine in my dad’s 1954 26′ Chris Craft cruiser, hull number SC 26 C 010 built in Chatenooga in 1953. Ah, the memories!

  3. Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones says:

    Check the negative ground on that PURDY black painted generator so we won’t be back draining that battery because of a poor ground. 🙂 You will never know till you hear that RURURU cuput sound at one of the marina stops out on the water. Then hat “WHAT THE H&ll look comes over your face:)

    • mike s
      mike s says:

      And make sure there is no paint on the starter mounting flanges too. Takes lotsa juice to spin these big boys over. Grounds are very important. Yes, the bolts do provide a ground but not a great one.

  4. Troy in MD
    Troy in MD says:


    Making our way south. Spent the night in Salisbury MD, home of the old Chris Craft Sea Skiff Plant. (Thanks for reminding me of that Paul)

    LEO did not like us being on the Saw Mill Parkway yesterday, better luck today.

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