The Ultimate Cocktail Stirrer.

You may like your cocktails shaken not stirred. But what about Outboarded? Propped? Motorboated? Ya I know.

I wish, I so deeply wish I had thought of this. But while paroozing ebay, I came across these images of a little outboard for sale, and Oh hell ya. What a great idea to photograph them this way. Of course I went even deeper, and thought. Mmmm Thats a better use other than a display. I do love these little 12 volt suckers.

Genious, genus, genius.

I like my Martini’s with a Evinrude twist.

Great now I am going to want to start hoarding these dam things. Maybe open a bar at the railway. mmmmm The Out bar.. Maybe Motorboat bar, I need names.. In the mean time if you want to get this little cocktail stirrer, sorry, it sold for 180.00

OH and a fake Chris Craft sign update. That piece of fake crap sold for over $500! Someone is gonna be pissed! Maybe he will even need a cocktail.. mmmmmmmm

mmmm bar tender..mmm, I think there is some oil in my drink.

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  1. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    What a great job you did on revising the marina. Todays header shot is a perfect presentation. Good job Matt

  2. John
    John says:

    Love the idea of using outboard motors as cocktail stirrers!

    We have a marina on our chain that has a boat up outdoor bar and grill called “The Lower Unit”. I hesitate to think what your inner child might be imagining now.

  3. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Does the 2 cycle oil in the exhaust get dissipated by the alcohol? I’m no chemist but maybe that’s a thing here.

  4. Syd
    Syd says:

    They are 3 to 6 volt not 12. Yes the oil that gets put in the lower unit should add some flavor. They actually made a Mercury one that was for that. And. Also one called Swank was another. I will have to take a picture of the swank one when I get home tonight

  5. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    I couldn’t believe it when that sign was in the $300 range. “A fool and his money are soon parted” as they say. It’s vendors like that who ruined it for the rest of us, not that I’m selling signs but for purchasing. Thanks for the heads up on that by the way.

  6. Ollon
    Ollon says:

    Back in the day we had a Daqueri Whacker.
    We bought it at the LA boat show. It always drew a large crowd whenever and wherever you cranked it up. Good times.

  7. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    If you ever go to the Boathouse at Disney World. You can see quite a display of small electric outboards. (Among other things). For the right price, I’ll bet they would stir your drink with one. It’s worth a visit !

  8. ART
    ART says:

    Oh I’d love to see it Mark, but WOLK Disney World is off my radar ……………………PERMANENTLY!!!

  9. Rick
    Rick says:

    Off topic. Hanging on the anchor today with my Chlorox bottle and this beauty anchored near us. Cruiser envy right now.

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