The Ultimate Holiday Gift Idea For The Kids!


MAHOGANY WOODEN AFT CABIN OF 1972 CHRIS CRAFT, GREAT PLAY HOUSE! On ebay! Today, act fast, just in time to surprise the family!

Just think how excited your kids will be when you tell them that you got them a play house for Christmas/Hanukkah. The key word here is “Tell”, cause when they figure out that you have bought them a dead transom from one of your dam wood boats they are going to shoot you. But here is the beauty of this gift idea. It’s two , that’s two gifts in one. First, we all know that the kids will get board with it, and end up smoking and drinking in it. SO.. After a couple days you just saw off more and BAM you gots yourself that out door bar you always wanted. You look like a loving husband and dad, and then you can drink and smoke around your bar.  Life is a circle my fellow Woody Boaters. And it could all start with this one click! Start the circle ebay, start the circle.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Mount it to an old pontoon deck, and you have a “floating” playhouse/bar that you can tow around the lake and make all of your neighbors jealous. The possibilities are endless!

    • Carl Garmhaus
      Carl Garmhaus says:

      Good idea with the party barge but you can save a bundle just nosing around your local wood boat marina where some one has probably abandoned a complete wood cruiser and the yard owner will be happy to let you take the whole thing off his hands. Just think, you can strip all the hardware, sell it on ebay, have a party barge transom/playhouse, and make a little gas money. You retired guys need things to do anyway.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Looked up Seth Katz’s ’61 Capri in the header. ACBS / Rudder online said this:

    “Whoever owns CAPRI # 19-CRB060 owns the very last true runabout built by Chris-Craft. The numbers tell the story.  Chris-Craft built 1880 17′ DELUXES; 1210 18′ RIVIERAS; 786 19′ CAPRIS; and finally 237 18′ CAPRIS.  By 1960 runabouts were out of fashion and consumers were interested in high performance de luxe utilities, often configured for water skiing, a trend which continues today. Altogether, Chris-Craft produced 6,337 runabouts from 1946 through 1961.”

    So that covers runabouts.

    The last plank on frame (all-wood) UTILITY model Chris-Craft made is the 1968 20′ Grand Prix. (Great boat BTW!) In addition to owning the last Capri, Seth owns the first 20′ Grand Prix.

    This begs a question. Well, at least it begs idle curiosity. Does anyone know who owns the last all-wood UTILITY boat Chris-Craft made? That would be the final 20′ Grand Prix of only 35?

    • Tommyholm
      Tommyholm says:

      I saw two cc grand prix in Dallas last winter, both bottom up, under repair. Some story about them being two of the last , wasn’t,t paying much attention o the cc story. Contact the wooden boat associate of north Texas WBA for details.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    …and the bow section makes a great dog house for man’s best friend or a place for you to go when your wife finds out what you’ve done with all that money you pi$$ed away on that rotten cruiser.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Paul. Christmas is coming. And you’re a birthday boy, right? So I bought you this. I know it’s a bit extravagant. But if it makes you feel any better, I only paid the $500. The shipping is COD. Butch and Rocko are the drivers. Great guys so long as you don’t cross them.

  5. Jim Schafer
    Jim Schafer says:

    Hey Matt,

    I better move quickly, my new company may not be the first……..With the amount of time and effort to salvage the bows and transoms off these old beauties, the wood needs to be in near perfect shape to make any money in the venture. I guarantee you that that guy has more than $500 bucks tied up in that transom (labor, wear and tear on tools, transportation, etc). Quit writing about this stuff so you don’t give me any competition.

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