The Very Fine Art Of Alan Ameel – Hydro Art Prints

If you are like me, and who isn’t….. pause.. insert insult here… Any way.. If you are like most folks in the classic boat hobby.. And you are.. Then finding cool art to hang on the wall is tough. It’s either some lame blow up of a magazine cover or one of those cheezzy clocks on eBay.. Well.. Meet Alan Ameel.. He has documented some very cool boats and printed them up.. A framed series looks great as a collection.. It screams power and says to that smok’n babe that you invited over for drinks that you mean business.. Oh ya.. Power, thrust.. speed.. Wait.. not speed.. Oh who am I fooling.. Your wife will yell at you for not matching the sofa and they will be in the garage or your man den.. Or in the case of Woody gal, at her cabin ….in her garage.. BUT, they are cool.. and you can see and buy them right here with a click here..

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    Speaking of that garage, it's #1 on my list to clean out this week. Gotta make room for my new boat trailer! And then start cleaning boats for our annual Heartland Classics show. It won't be 32 degrees, but a balmy 75. Three days of cruising, eating & having fun with woodyboats & boaters! You oughta join us! WoodyGal

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