The Wonderful 1/4 Scale World Of Tom Tetrault!

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So last night I am emailing with Tom about his 17 ft utility, I say send me some photos thinking that this is just another guy fixing up a small utility in his garage.. We share about 5 emails over about 2 hrs worth of time… about the utility, and then he says this.. “Matt I know its getting late but wanted to let you know I have a exact 1/4 scale model I have built of a Stan Craft Torpedo. It is constructed the same way as a real one and using the same wood. It is 7′ long and is just beautiful.”…….What! What? WHAT???? You talk about a regular utility and then pop this on me! Now, Tom ain’t kidding here… He is really doing this. Turns out that Tom is pals with Syd Young, owner of Stan Craft boats.. Can you imagine this all playing out in emails late at night.. Then the images come in.. Tom, you are kill’n me here, It’s late, my wife is saying get off that dam iPhone.. I’m having a woody boater moment here.. There are now three of us in this bed! And one of them lives in a 1/4 inch scale world… You may add your punch lines here... Anyway.. below are some of the images of the un finished Stan Craftlet Torpedo…

OK, now Tom says, yeah I like building things, I built these little 5 foot long racers.. They go about 60mph.. What! WHAT? With clutches and radio control.. This is insane.. Fun insanity by the way.. Keep your pills away from me..

More… 1/4 scale fun…

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Will the torpedo be radio controlled also or will a person be able to drive it? The ultimate dinghy? Tom you do very nice work.

  2. Tom Tetrault
    Tom Tetrault says:

    Thank you for the compliment. Not quite big enough to get in but yes she could be made into radio control. A Connely V-8 miniture would look good but there almost 5K!!. Ah if I can dream!!. Tom

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    A drivable smallest scale possible could be a really cool project. Keep it in the den to look at when not in use.

    • Matthias Gawriloff from Bern in Switzerland
      Matthias Gawriloff from Bern in Switzerland says:

      Dear Tom,

      congratulation, you are building my “dream boat”.
      Bravo, Bravo, Bravo – it looks absolute great!!
      I discover the torpedo two years ago with red seats. a dream!!!!. Since than I´m thinking (I´m dreaming) to make a model. It is sooo difficult to find details. Especially here in Europa. I think you are my last chance.

      Do you share the lines of the boat?
      That would be so nice.
      Please give me a link … .-)

      best Matthias

  4. Marc
    Marc says:

    HI there, love the thunder boats with the dummy V8 motors.
    Q = Are these thunder boats the 1/6 scale boats? and are these ones in the photos wood or fibre glass or mix with carbon fibre ? and what company did these peple buy there boats from ?
    Many thanks

    P.S those V8s just finishes these boats off nicely.

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