The Y-Art Sale Spontaneous Road Trip


The photo on ebay that started the chain of events.

I will start my story today with a text message from Wayne Bomb at 7AM “”Here’s a thought: Let’s NOT Go To Algonac Today! ” Like most crazyness, it all starts on ebay. And as Greg said yesterday, if it involves Art and I, its bound to be double insane. Well, it is all true, and yes I am going to milk this like I own a Dairy Farm.

The listing image. BTW, I LOVE THESE!

Sitting and waiting for me

And to just nip this part in the bud. I am not buying the boat. Not because I dont like it, or its not a great deal. Twin M’s but I need another boat like I need to go to Algonac again. Wait?

Okay back to the photo. See it? I did, and I reached out to the seller feller, and asked about it!

See it? Here is a hint. DUFFLE BAG!

So I reached out and no response. Which I expected. BUT, the boat is on Harsens Island, and well. I know someone that may know someone and so on. So reached out to Art. Hey do you know this boat? And well. Of course not only did Art know the boat, but the people that had owned it, and not got a hold of the seller feller. WHO TURNS OUT used to mow Arts grass as a kid. DO NOT MESS WITH THE WOODY BOATER NETWORK! We will find you! now of course I get a text from Kent Armstrong.

OH! ART! You are a beast!

“Hi Matt, it’s Kent Armstrong. I’m up at Reedville, Michigan visiting Art, yes that Art. Following are some photos of the aforementioned Art retrieving the Chris-Craft duffle.”

Is that a back brace? WTF Art? You are a beast!

The back brace is the best! I swear I cant make this up. I swear we are all still 12 year old boys on small adventures.

Oh no.. Is Art stuck? Oh! No.. Was that a crack Kent heard?

AND DA DA!The bag! Is that Art stretching?

Turns out its a bag made in the 70’s by a club member. Still very cool. And will make a great bag for a boat cover or stuff.. OR WOODY BOATER STORY!

So? Now.. How in the hell am I gonna get this thing? I am not going to burden anyone with shipping stuff. So?

Art and I starting talking about it all, and its clearly not worth a road trip. BUT Art mentions he is having a Yard Sale and clearing out a ton of old boat stuff.. And well.. One thing leads to another and well. Before I know it, I am in Ohio at a McDonads, getting a Hamburger with Wayne..

The only real-ish food we ate.

And so we made it there for the pre yard sale, now known as the Y-Art sale. And have a truck full of stuff for the railway and possibly several more stories this week.

Arts Garage is jammed full of boating history. And now my truck is. BTW the Y-art sale is on the 20th of August. And yes I left a ton of stuff for all of you other 12 year olds.


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  1. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    There is a fiberglass Dory in Birmingham Michigan for sale on a trailer. It could follow you home too.

  2. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Saw that boat on eBay at what appeared to be decent price but not many details stated. I have too many other projects here later in life to add one more big one, but I like the lines of the semi enclosed cruisers. Saw that duffel as well and thought it looked too good to be from the 50’s.

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