The Zip Zipper Process As Requested, And Tick Tick Tick!



Stripped and I buffed the area where I was going to put the zipper

Yesterday was the calm before the work storm, so I had to hammer away at Zipper, or loose momentum. And we all can relate to that. Anyway, I got TimeBomb’s Cover done, and the deck primed and painted. BUT, thankfully I had to strip the paint off which inspired another crazy idea. Do the zipper in the metal under the paint. WHHHHHATTTTT? Oh ya. So here goes. The process.

Rubbed the metal to give it texture in different directions

Then hit it with some clear

I also buffed the metal in different ways to help the texture of it all, you can see that here, After I cleared it

You can see the clear

Then started the tape process using the print out as reference

Right about now, I was getting very confused.

What line goes where. What is black is metal, white is red?

The zipper was laid on in thin tape, and each piece lightly cut. Remember the tape is the shape, Not the mask? I had to break for lunch, my head wwas twirling

OH GOD! Here goes. Primer.

I took a break and painted the shroud.

Two coats of Regal Derusto Red. Yes I know. Zinc, and yada yada. The boat is going to drive 1 or two times. But that rattle can did the job, but did the tape job? OH DEAR GOD

Peeling up the tape. Ugh? It actally worked..



Oh lets take it outside. OH HELL YA

Engine on, Zipper on.


Peale enjoying it all

With zip on it

I will do the zipper down the side

Not to bad for a can of DeRusto and 3,000 feet of masking tape

Ready to go – Need to find a good plastic windshield now.

One more shot and back in the shop

Almost ready for the Reedville Show. But she has a photo shoot first with Tommy the original owner.

Sept 7, 1967 Glebe Pt Races.


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  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Turned out perfect! I love this solution. So perfect. Thank you for sharing the planning and the process and the results!

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Nice work!!!

    I think since you are not doing a “as it left the factory” resto I would seriously consider no windshield at all. For the few times you are going to run it a few “bugs in your teeth” will be worth it.

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

      Damn Troy, I had a Suzuki something like that back in the day. The girl and the bike bring back some good memories. Some fancy masking Matt. Looks great. I hope that old Merc runs as good as it looks.

  3. Syd
    Syd says:

    For a race boat I would say no windshield. So are we going to see Zip at Clayton this weekend? I’ll take her out so you can see what she looks like and you can get some action shots

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    “Zip” looks great! Once again, I’m amazed at your creativity and efficiency! I sure hope you covered “Stinky” and the other boats in the shop when you were spraying… 😉

  5. Brock
    Brock says:

    There’s a windshield in the racing picture. A recreation of that photo with other known boats would be cool. minus the ending of course.

  6. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    So resourceful, Matt. Looks great. But I gotta ask: When are you going to actually use this boat? Are you going to say to Suzy: “Beautiful sunset. Let’s not take out the 25′ Sportsman after all. Let’s take that little aluminum boat with the somewhat stinky motor.”

    Also, are you paying a royalty to a certain chimpanzee for the use of the name?

  7. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Matt, you really came up with a great idea to make the zipper the metal itself! The boat looks great as well along with the motor… Cheers!

  8. John Williams
    John Williams says:

    Hey Matt, Congratulations on your barn find, your restoration is amazing! I look forward to following your story because I just bought this 1964 Rich Line Speedster last weekend. Your “ZIP” is the only other S12 I have found on the internet, there isn’t a lot of information out there on the Rich Line Speedster S12 model. Keep up the good work and keep the “ZIP” updates coming! 😃

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