There Are Paddle Boards, And Then There Is “The Bootlegger”



You know when you say you have a boat, and then quickly correct yourself and say, I have a Woody Boat, or a Chris Craft, GarWood etc. Praying that no one thinks you are talking about a white plastic tub with yellow “Jazz” stickers all over it. There is a difference, and the same can go for all sorts of products out there.

It’s real!

Well, thanks to Kevin Fitzke for taking Paddle Board design and construction to that next level. And starting Fitzke Paddle Board Co.

As you may recall we featured these paddle boards a while back when it was just a prototype. Story HERE.

Well, now there is a website and all sorts of stuff that make it even more real. Which is surreal, because it’s so dam beautiful, it doesn’t look real. but it really is real. REALLY.  You can see the website RIGHT HERE.. It’s real nice! That’s the last real, really.

Actually practical as well. Stunning!


And if you want to just look like you own one, but are too much of a wimp to go for it, there is a t shirt. Like going to a concert. You will never be on the stage or in the dressing room with all the groupies,  but you got a shirt! Once the Merchandise page is working. Hey! Kevin said he is working on it. He has paddle boards to make. Maybe email him. Start with a t shirt conversation, and before you know it you will be Mr, or Mizz Bootlegger Paddle Boarder! REALLY! 

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  1. Greg lewandowski
    Greg lewandowski says:

    Now what we need is a PWC crafted from mahogany with a two cylinder flat head that has a nice exhaust note. Life on our lakes would be so much better!

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      M-Fine: Here is your sit down version. You can even put a grill on it to cook bacon.

      Wait is that Staib driving?

      LOVE the board BTW!

      • Jim Staib
        Jim Staib says:

        Could have been Friday, It’s a bit fuzzy. But after looking closer I don’t think so:
        1. No cocktail in hand.
        2. Holding on with a trolling motor.
        3. Plumbers crack
        4. Lost most of my beer belly.
        5. Water is still closed to boating here.

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The production values of his web site are tot notch and his product looks amazing. Hoping he’s hit a home run or at least able to support his life style.

  3. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Where do you carry the shine? Thought someone would explain why its called “Bootlegger”.

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