There’s Doing Nothing, And Then There’s Doing Nothing You Want To Do. Gone Fish’n Classic Boat Style.


This all makes sense, really! Cold outside? Yes! Looking forward to spending some time doing nothing? Arn’t you doing that now? Sitting and just waiting to be able to go outside. For me it actually means doing that nothing you want to do. basically anything related to my boat.

Big fish

The old Man in the Pond

I want to see behind the scenes on this one

You betchya!

Somethings fishy here

Happy chappy

That never happens

Wait, yes it does


WECATCHEM’s tackle box

An iconic big fish post card

An old header

Fantastic 2 color art

Biggest balls winner out in the ocean

More great clip art

And more clips

One color clip art

Classic boat goodies

Been there!

Another great bucket

The catch

Oh boy!

How big was that fish?

Those hats!

Can we go fishing please!

ya sure

More great minnow buckets – LOVE the art on these

Even Boston Whaler got involved in doing nothing

Father daughter time



Lets go!

The Boatress doing one of her favorite things.

Joy is timeless when you are fishing

The best!

Birds and fish

Oh boy

I said, lets go!

Sportfish Chris Craft! The best!

Okay one more -Mark Edmonson at the helm of “Storm Duty” One amazing Chris Craft Sport Fisherman

We all love to fish

Classic Woody Boater Fishing photo


Thank you Shaun Fenn for your wonderful images

They do it differently in Jersey thats for sure

A classic scene from a classic film with a classic boat! One word! SNAPS!

Oh there is more, its endless. But I need to go do nothing.


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  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    I really like the classic old boathouse pics. When can we get back on the water again? April?

  2. ART A
    ART A says:

    Molly-O was designed, by my grandfather, for fishing as it not only has rear steering, but a very elaborate bait/live fish well in the “jump” seat. It is copper lined with a brass framed center divider and aireaided(sp?) by a fresh water diverter valve system from the engine. It also has fishing rod holders on both sides of the interior siding. All of the above was installed by CC.
    I have fond memories of Bass and Muskie fishing as a young minnow with my father, grandfather and brothers.

    • ART A
      ART A says:

      You can see the rod holders and rear steering bar and back of the jump/bait box. ………..side bar— also note the original paddle in its holder.

  3. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    No fishing in the photo – just my brothers & I, trying to talk my uncle into jumping in for a swim. We lived a couple hours from the nearest place to use the cruiser, so camped weekends aboard. Usually like this, tied up at the islands near Manchester, OH. My brothers would fish, with bamboo poles baited with past it’s prime lunchmeat & soggy cheese from the bottom of the cooler. One morning, they left the poles hanging over the back during breakfast, pancakes eaten kneeling around the motorbox, which was used as a table. Finally, a fish took that bait! As it pulled the pole over the transom, they yelled for someone to jump in after it. The only one already in a swimsuit, I chased that pole halfway across the river. Of course the fish got free, just as I caught the pole.

    • Frank@Falmouth
      Frank@Falmouth says:

      UGH! reminds me of the time I was deep sea fishing on a friends 63″ Viking Sportfish off of Palm Beach Fla,. (rich friend…) we were fishing for Marlin so he had the big gear out,, A fish hit on one of the lines and the mate handed me the pole,… before I could put on a belt or get in the fighting chair the fish yanked the rod right out of my hands and over the side!!.. Custom rod and expensive Shimano reel…was close to $3000…

    • Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
      Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

      There is nothing wrong with you Rabbit. I have both too, and I don’t really like to fish either. I do my fishing at the local Restaurant/Bar at the Friday nite fish fry. Maybe I need a fishing buddy. Like the one I showed earlier.

  4. Go Away or I Shall Taunt You a 2nd Time-a...
    Go Away or I Shall Taunt You a 2nd Time-a... says:

    uh Rabbit, I think Mr. Palin at the end of this short clip sums it all up…..

  5. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    I have had the place on Harsens Island for 15 years now, and I still have not found time to go fishing. I have set up many of my guests with everything they need and sent them off in the rowboat, but still haven’t been myself. Maybe this year!

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