They Woody Boat Differently In Idaho!

The good news, you really don t ever have to worry about running aground.

The good news, you really don’t ever have to worry about running aground.

Long time fellow Woody Boater Don hardy sent us this insane find. Don is a master barn finder for sure, and always seems to find something buried someplace, but on the side of a Mountain?  It’s like Noahs Arc?  Amazing and fun stuff for sure! Here is Don’s note to us…I left the spelling as sent! I LOVE IT!

There is a channel someplace around here. Oh look, over to the right.

There is a channel someplace around here. Oh look, over to the right.

Hi matt..  taking my son to a hockey tournement in kennewick wa today..  found this CC on a cliff in whitebird Id.  It looks to be a semi enclosed cruiser.. a good alt to a cruiser the view here is price less.. looks over a entrance to hells canyon.  they have a small in law apt in it.  Very secure and used a lot..  partys and BBqs.  And more.

The stunning view. Maybe that should be a draw bridge.

The stunning view. Maybe that should be a draw bridge.

A different point of view. Watch out for the rocks, they can put a hole in the bottom.

A different point of view. Watch out for the rocks, they can put a hole in the bottom.


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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Barn find of the ages.

    Don, you found THE ARK! (Though I always pictured it as a little bigger.)

    Please send me coordinates so I know where to show up when The Weather Channel’s 40-day forecast looks particularly ominous.

    • donald r hardy
      donald r hardy says:

      They had to float it in to place.. the road up there was no more that 8ft wide.. very steep. No room for a crane or truck.. big mystery.. will find a answere in the future when I float my 32 ft fellows stewart raised deck motor yacht. in my private Idaho. I will stop and have a cocktail with my new mooring buddy.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Thousands of tiny flying objects were spotted in the area with a boat-like object suspended below them. Upon close examination of the hi-res photos, they looked much like Peter Pan but were only wearing tiny orange vests with PUMPKIN on the back and sported translucent wings. They had tiny Captain Hats on that said WOODY BOATER. Under the heavy load they were carrying, they were all yelling ARRGH! in high pitched squeals.

  3. Randy Rush Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush Captain Grumpy says:

    Finally a good use for those cruisers. And thats a view you will never see on the water!

  4. Troy
    Troy says:

    Cool use of an old cruiser.
    I would love to get up oh her bow, but I think it would give me the Hebi Jebies.

    So the other day I was standing in front of my fridge and realized how nautical the starboard door was decorated.

    From the top right clockwise.
    1) A 1958 Chris Craft ad my son, Kent, gave me for Christmas last year after the Boatress gave me a ’58 Connie for my birthday. (The Continental in the lower left is the same as Mom’s, only without the roof)
    2) The Bone Yard Boats postcard.
    3) A picture of Sandi (my boatress) on the right (port side of boat) and our friend Kathy from Austin, TX.
    4) The bumper sticker explains itself.
    5) A Birthday card my daughter, Sam. drew for me this year which is the Helm of the Connie.
    6) A fridge magnet of a ship in the bottle that my friend Gil made.
    7) A painting our friend Dale did and made into a card.
    8) A painting our friend Jon did of his house that is just across the field from us.

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The perfect place for a cruiser. No ship worms, no termites, minimal rotting, zero chance of sinking, and no massive fuel bills.

  6. Yukon Cornelius
    Yukon Cornelius says:

    What? How’d that ol Catalina get there ya-say? Ha! Well let me tell-ya. Back in the winter of 83 Santa decided to invest in a new snow sled. Being the kindly ol’ gent that he is ol’ St Nick snap-crack harnessed up Rudolph and Olive (the other reindeer) and bid them (withal due respect and kindness) to fly his sad ol’ Catalina Snow Sled down to Bumble the abominable snow monster. Ya-see ol’ Santa felt powerful sorry for Bumble who’d been squattin in a dismal ol’ cave on that hillside for, well I spect, about a hundred years and here’s Santa thinking that his ol’ sleigh would make Bumble a super deluxe abominable snowperson pad. Now I’m not rightly sure if ol’ Bumble still lives out there in that Idaho holler but based on yer fancy photegraphs that durn Catalina surely looks a passel more yar then when I last set eyes on her waaaay back in the spring of 93. At that time that ungrateful Ol’ Bumble had just finished transformin that ol Catalina into a road house and was making a powerful pile of jingle jangle peddling spiked snow juice and eggonoggin to passin sasquatches , yetis and the four winds that used to blow through them cabin doors regular . Like I say looks sure looks like times has changed since then.

  7. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    I think whoever placed that lovely boat in that exquisite spot probably just couldn’t decide if he liked the wind blowin’ in J’S face on the deck of his boat on the sea or the wind blowin’ in his face standing on the side of a mountain and since he couldn’t put a mountain on the deck of his boat he did the next best thing!

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