This Is For All You Woody Boater Lovers, Lovers!


Nothing says we love you like a vynal coated Anchor for Christmas. And it comes in a varity of colors!In case you have been in a cave this past week, you might have heard that it was Black Friday and today is Cyber Monday. So, you are thinking, I dont need a $299.99 Tv set, or Pay station, and have no interest in anything at a mall. So.. You sit there on Christmas / Hanukkah/ Quansit hut.. What ever .. You sit there as you family is all excited about there new lap top,  TV set, socks.. And you sit there thinking.. there’s a new copper exhaust pipe in those “slacks” I just got, or, oh thanks for those books on old cars and gas stations.. Did anyone think of getting me some new lines for the boat, how bout a vintage cushion.. A grey pattern boat would have been the same as that flat screen TV.. Or thanks for the tie that I DONT WEAR ANY MORE.. That cost a about the same as some new rubber flooring.. So.. I ain’t taking it anymore.. This story is for your loved ones.. NOT YOU..

Some fine Art from Antique Boat America.. Cool frame..

HE DOESN’T WANT SOCKS! SHE DOESN’T WANT A SWEATER, WE WANT BOAT STUFF! Go to ebay, look up Vintage Boat hat, Vintage Boat Cushions, old vintage life jackets, ash trays like boats..If that is taking to long and I understand that.. Antique Boat Center is having a sale on there stuff in the shop..Just mention Woody Boater and there might be a surprise discount. Or dare you.. Just give your special woodyboater a note that says.” I will go with you to a boat show this year” yes you will stand there and be board stiff.. But…  a weekend in the summer boating with your Woody Boater is a win win.. Antique Boat America is also all over this with Woody Boater specials.  Including some art work for the rec seen above.. Dogs playing poker is so last year. This year its bears in boats.. Fun stuff.  Just click here.. We will be featuring specials and very special Woody Boater deals til Christmas, But hurry now, inventory can dry up fast. A fall back is… the gift that they will love! A 5 gallon bucket.. Throw in a small can of varnish, A couple rags, Chrome polish..Have all the kids write notes on it.. Like Don’t Sink on me dad..  YOU WILL BE SHOCKED…It’s what he always wanted!

Go ahead hit comment and tell Santa what you really want for the holidays.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I’m not sure if those anchors are painted or vinyl covered. Last year my wife got me vinyl covered chain and anchor, this way IF I ever use them they will not mar or mark the boat. (Possibly as I’m sedated wrapped in them and thrown overboard). Either way a nice present for one of the spouses.

  2. Alex
    Alex says:

    Sing with me.

    12 Shiny Fenders
    11 Quarts of Lucas
    10 Pounds of Anchor
    9 Kapok Cushions
    8 Yards of Flooring
    7 Hides of Leather
    6 Flares on standby

    5 Hun-dred Gallons!

    4 Quarts of Bristol
    3 Gorgeous Babes (’cause boats aren’t EVERYTHING)
    2 20 Customs
    And a 3rd Sportsman parked at my dock.

  3. Allen
    Allen says:

    Love the shot of your skiff…… to see more of it too. Put a Pine tree in the back and use the shot as a Christmas card…….

  4. matt
    matt says:

    Thats not my Skiff, its one of many on the Creek.. These traditional skiffs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes on the creek here, with several boat builders still in business. I think this one was built by the owner though and is magnificent. Its one of the things I love about this area. Its frozen in time. Still wood work boats being used, With folks living in old homes that are modernized, but to be lived in.. Its really a full time town, with working folks that work on the water.

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      According to The Mariners’ Museum the Watermen of the Chesapeake are an Endangered Species. It’s good to hear that this way of life is still frozen in time and still exists in this historic area.

      Can’t wait to see some of it next week while visiting the area for Boat Buzz – Unplugged.

  5. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Marketing for the woody insane. It is not just for Christmas, Chanukah, or Kwanzaa. It needs to be International in scope. Woody Boaters are always looking for an excuse to celebrate.

  6. Allen
    Allen says:

    Matt, sounds like a local story for woodyboater in there somewhere…..local woodyboatermen providing for their families from the water in their wooden local built skiffs and work boats……..we dont have to only show case runabouts and utilities……I love that area and the Eastern Shore too……thanks

  7. matt
    matt says:

    It’s a magical place that creeps up on you. Not a flash lust affair like most tourist places, where you love it for a month, then get tired of all the crap. These are fantastic good hearted folks that look out for each other and the town. We just created a theme for the town that has been adopted. Virginia’s Working Fishing Village.. When I am out on my boat, sometimes it;s like it could be 1950.. No real visual change, even when the boats are out. Especialy in the AM when they are working the crap pots..

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      Crap, carp, crab – all one word with multiple definitions that mean the same.

      Couldn’t resist. Sorry!!!

      Your description of the village and the water surrounding it sounds like a great place to live and enjoy, raise a family and even retire in. I must visit it and experience it some time.

  8. Allen
    Allen says:

    Thats so neat…..lots of that on the Eastern Shore and Tilgman Island…..crab pots, fish nets, steamed crabs on newspaper covered tables. Wooden work boats abound…..the smell of tidal waters, brackish water, govey ducks, geese, swans…… glad it hasnt gotten too commerical. Might be neat to do a story on the wooden work boat builders of the “Bay” area sometime….

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