Time Capsule 1948 Chris Craft, 16 ft Special Runabout, AND…


Ready to go…ish

If you are sniffing around the classic boat universe for a great starter boat. A winter project, a father son thing, hello to this special runabout. It has it all going for it, and is priced just right. CHEAP.  And it has so many ways to go to be used. AND, lot’s of ands today, you really can’t mess it up. Well, you can, but it really doesn’t matter for the money.

Original Engine

Original clean bottom.

Simple, and may come with a crescent wrench?

It’s original, and has all it’s original parts, and is cool, and is small, so it can just sit as art if you like. AND, it’s being sold by someone that knows their stuff. Steve Bunda. And on ebay. BTW, AND it runs.

Here are your options with this little Special.

Water test, and passed…

  1. Leave it and look at it.
  2. Paint is Rocket Blue and make a Rocket out of it.
  3.  Fiberglass the bottom. What the hell. GO BOATING!
  4. Flip it yourself and do your own bottom job
  5. Paint it up. Pink and have a Pink custom boat for your daughter. Or angry wife, and husband. Or?
  6. Put it in your office as art. And a statement. Like I have with Stinky from time to time
  7. Give it to your kid as a surprise Covid Winter project.
  8.  Buy it for your trade school class to have a cool project for a classroom
  9.  Have a small boathouse? This can just sit there in it and be like a in the water lawn ornament
  10. Just love it, restore it as you go, and I promise it will love you back.

Thats one clean aft!

Trailer and a boat cover are included. DO THE MATH, this is a great deal.

There ya go, 10 ideas of what to do with it. If I already didnt have Stinky, this would be a good one for sure. CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT IT ON EBAY! 

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    A cool boat in nice original condition. Could be a find for the right person on a small inland lake, but I would not run it hard for long on that original bottom.

  2. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    Is that vintage cresent wrench, or a Harbor Freight one? That could be the deal breaker. Cool Boat, keep us posted as to what it actually brings. Some of us are too lazy to check e-bay.

  3. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    I bought one of these 10 years ago. I sold it to a friend and he and his son use the hell out of it. Still on its original bottom with original Chrysler in it. Fast as hell, cool and easy to maintain. These are great boats. The ‘47 I sold doesnt even need to swell up (much) in the spring.

    Oh, and me and the guy who bought are still friends!!

  4. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    Sweet ride and nice ad. Not a barn to be heard of anywhere. Just a well worn, well loved boat that is ready to move on to a new owner. Whisper sweet nothings to her and maybe she’ll go another 70 years, lol.

  5. David Peat
    David Peat says:

    Have just imported one of these from the States to the UK a couple of weeks ago.
    All original including bottom and engine.
    She had sat for a good number of years in a workshop so when we put a hose in her she leaked like a sieve. we had some foam which we have put inside her hull and then turned the hose back onto wet the foam and after two days she has started to swell up and leaks are much better so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.
    Put a new Optima 6 volt battery on her,new fuel in the tank, pumped the fuel pump,and started her up she sounds so sweet and with good oil pressure.
    A few more jobs to do before we put her in the water hopefully next year.

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