Time Stands Still In My Woody Boat.


TimeTime Stands Still In My Woody Boat

The sky is no bluer than before

The water less alive

A smile, a wave no less warm

The mahogany as bright as always

The rumble of a flat head no less energizing

Time stands still, as you motor forward.

Moving you to a place where the world stops with your RPM’s.

Where the world reminds us all that all is OK, love is reminded, and friendships stay real.

A place where negativity, and debate is all in another place in your wake.

Time stands still on my Woody Boat, it stands for all that’s good, and pure, stands for honesty, integrity, and passion. It stands for taking the road less traveled, less clogged with rush hrs, and 9 to 5 life.

Yes, time does stand still, and if we all try real hard, we can all get some more time on the water by just opening up our eyes to what we are blessed with and ….enjoy the time we have together.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    First you paint murals on your kitchen wall and now your are a poet.
    Keep it up Matt, we LOVE this journey that we travel together, which you so eloquently narrate for us.

  2. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    1947 42′ Chris Craft Double Cabin Fly Bridge for sale on Trading Dock for zero dollars best reasonable offer. Refastened bottom, Van Ness engine, new wireing etc. what’s could be better then hanging out ON a wooden boat. How about actually living inside one. Spent last night ON and IN the 1948CC cruiser. It’s the best!

  3. Dan Lynch
    Dan Lynch says:

    My 1956 blue Arabian is for sale on ebay . After reading year poem I may change my mind move to New Zealand and keep it.

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    For a second there, I thought this was going to be about the clock on “Wecatchem” … 😉 Nicely done! “Thisuldu” is nearly ready to head out for the first time this summer – off to celebrate the 4th with family and friends this weekend.

    • Tim Robinson
      Tim Robinson says:


      up for the summer on July 6, stop by Matt’s Matt’s I have a guest mooring with your name on it. Hope to see you this summer.

  5. M&M
    M&M says:

    I was downtown angle parked along Main Street the other night. I was waiting for my child to run an errand. On the other side of the street a I heard a loud car pull into a parking spot. I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the young owner leave his truck running while he ran into the Post Office. I was sitting there thinking how much that truck sounded like my boat. I took a second look into the rear view mirror and saw that the truck was a old Dodge. Wow I had a deja vu moment. I was sitting in my car hearing that Chrysler engine idling with little or no mufflers. For a minute I was sitting behind the wheel of my Resorter, sitting low, I put my arm up on the wood gunwale, reached over to mess with the throttle a little…. M&M

  6. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Fortunately for me, I get to crew on Thisuldu for Dick Dow on Thursday to help him get it through the Ballard Locks and over to the QCYC Outstation at Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island.
    Hey… somebody’s got to do it!
    I can’t wait!
    This is an older picture, prior to Thisuldu getting a wood transom.

  7. Verne
    Verne says:

    That really is a beautiful boat Matt. The raised bow with the low windshield is a poetry of design.

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