Timeless Warm Summer Memories From Maine

59 years ago!

I love the thought of a simple photo taken on a whim 60 years ago, heck 80 years ago can produce such warm love. A huge thanks to Alden Reed and Troy, yes that Troy for such warm wonderful memories. There are two photos that were sent to me in various emails that struck that cord of warm summer memories. I of course love to dive in and restore the color of exposure. So today I will show the original, and restored. Thanks again Alden and Troy! You have made all our lives a little warmer today. Actually if you don’t mind, could you turn on the AC around noon. Its a sweat fest here in Virginia.

Color and exposure restored-  Summer of 1960 several miles south of Troy’s place on the Sheepscot River in Maine. Troy knows the details on the Electra.

Clockwise from lower left:
1) 22-ft Chris Craft inboard Kit Boat cruiser built in 1957 at Reed & Prince for the company president  9 YOU MAY RECALL WE DID A STORY ON THIS BOAT ) Click Here
2) 16-ft Chris Craft outboard Kit Boat built in 1958 by a VP of engineering at Reed & Prince
3) 23-ft Chris Craft Custom Runabout named “Electra” which was in the 1940 Boston boat show and owned by a professor of electrical engineering at Harvard
4) Circa 1938 Chris Craft day cruiser named “Je-Da” owned by a textile mill owner from East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Okay now it gets even neater. Below is Electra still going up in Maine.

These pictures below were take in 2014. Photo Credits Samantha Hersom (Troy’s daughter)

Humanity is still getting a charge out of Elctra


VARNISH POWER! -That’s Troy’s brother Rory and his wife Tammy

Original photo Electra – McKown’s Point in the background in outer Boothbay Harbor.

Attached is a pic of the Electra during the War — probably 1942. The large registration numbers were required during the war.

Same photo restored. LOVE this.

A huge thanks to Troy and Alden for the share.




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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I am having trouble determining if Electra is south or east of McKown point in the header shot, but if she is east of the point here is a pic of Sandi and I taking delivery of Band Aids navigating the same waters. (It is a bit of an eye test but that could be some of the same houses in the background.)

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    What? no ladies in revealing bikini’s? At least their ensign was properly unfurled.

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