TK Max Ad With A Woody Boat! Oh Yeah!

Go with the Wind, on heat setting!

TK Max, the UK version of our TJ Max has done a very fun and insightful ad, using in a Woody Boat. Looks like a Riva, the go to Ad agency boat to use. We get that. Its great to see this happening more and more, Enjoy the thirty seconds of great advertising. They get it over there, they know how to say what you are thinking and bring the brand to a higher level than here in the states.

The ad was created by Wieden & Kennedy London, which is the same US agency for Nike, and Old Spice and other fun work. The directors were Adam & Dave at Bold, and post was by MPC.

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  1. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Matt, I hope the Boatress says no to you when you ask her to stand on the bow of Wecatchem while it’s moving so you can duplicate this shot.

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