TODAY! Live Watch A 1961 24′ Chris Craft Get Flipped. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

unnamed-13 PM Central Time, 4 PM East Coast, 2 PM Mountain and 1PM West Coast US Time. If you are around the globe, I have no idea. Mark C will be celebrating his birthday and having a flipping party for all of us to see. You can tune in here and watch LIVE. If you want a larger screen there is a little square on the lower right of the Frame and it will go full screen. Thanks again to Mark and Emily for sharing the fun with us all. Its like we are all there! Woohooo!

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  1. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    mark good luck!!

    will this be replayed later? the weather gods will prevent me today from keeping me inside (68degree chicago area) must be outside.

    mike k

    • Wilson
      Wilson says:

      Only 68 in Chicago…It is predicted to be 78 in Tallahassee….Bet it will be over 80 in Orlando. (aka Land of the Black Rat)

  2. Garry
    Garry says:

    Here is mine half way flipped. I had an inch of clearance.
    Funny though, after the big flip I got thru rebuilding and then the due list struck.

  3. Shannon K
    Shannon K says:

    I like the soundtrack… 🙂 Its 60 degrees in Michigan in February so I admit we won’t be sitting glued to our screens but we’ve got you on in the background as Scott cuts the floor out of the Glastron. Good luck, guys!

    • Sam
      Sam says:

      If you watched the first time Mark flipped a boat,, I was the guy who instinctually dodge the bullet and exited the garage. And this time I was also instinctually on the sidelines and made the comment. I thought they could pause the chain-falls and call Hargerty 😉 Great time though. Very smooth.

  4. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Nice job with the flip!
    The virtual pizza and beer at the end of the flip was not very tasty as the real thing though….LOL

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