Today, The Antique Boat Museum Show Is Showing Us How To Move Forward.


The circle of life.

Today is the big day up in Clayton NY at the big show, which was recreated to keep the tradition alive. I cannot say this enough. CONGRATS TO THE CREW THERE. You are keeping the world of water recreation safe and fun, and adapting. After all adapting is part of our life here in Woodyboaterville. SHIP happens! And one day in the future, we will all remember this year, this show as a symbol of our passions resilience. Its a dividing line like Pre War and Post War, Pre Pandemic and Post Pandemic.

Syd’s off to Clayton with Black Witch! Is he at the Bakery, or Liquor store? 

This year is our test. Our generations point of reference. We have all talked about how the hobby is shrinking. Maybe for some, and growing for others. Boat sales are insane good right now. And I see a new rebirth of interest. It’s a different interest than in the 80’s 90’s and a new generation.

Please wear a mask. It’s not just medical advice. Trust me, you will want to if you see Stinky at the Virtual exhibit. I wanted to just have a dead animal there to complete the experience.

So get out there today, if you are not up in Clayton touring the area, go out in your area and parade, even if you are by yourself. Just shove that transmission in FORWARD and go! Today is the day! Today reverse and neutral are not important.


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    • Doug Garber
      Doug Garber says:

      On our lake here in Manitou Beach Michigan we have started a Friday night classic boat cruise and the numbers at growing.

  1. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    The Wellesley Island cruise was awesome last year during the International Show. The run to and from the Museum from Alexandria Bay was also incredible. I hope you have the same weather and enjoy the run as we did. Wish we could be there.

  2. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    I know that this is a bit off subject. But it does involve something else all use and enjoy. As of July 20 Briggs & Stratton has filed for Bankruptcy.. This was a shock to me coming on the heels of Evinrude. Everyone reading this has used and enjoyed a B&S engine in some form. And yes they did make outboards. So this joined a lot of other companies and products that we have enjoyed in our lives, but are no longer made. What’s next Ford. GM, or Mercury Marine. Enough of my ranting. Go Boating Today!!

    • Bill
      Bill says:

      bankruptcy is just a scam for these companys to get out from under a bunch of dept and screw the stockholders , bond holders and still stay in operation just like GM and Sunbeam did. the stores are still full of Coleman stuff after Sunbeam went bankrupt a few years ago they never missed a beat. and you can still buy a chevy.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The last Briggs engine I bought should have come with a monthly head gasket subscription due to horrible head design and bolt placement. I hate to see businesses go under, but if you sell poorly designed and poorly built products, you can’t expect customer loyalty.

  4. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Got out there today. Awesome day not too hot.
    Matt you need to make up a scratch and sniff for Stinky at the museum.

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