Introducing WoodyBoater Scented Candles From Beck Labs


Ahhhh, Just sniff that Varnish! You will leave us with a smile on your face.

Introducing WoodyBoater Scented Candles! This product is designed, engineered and curated to have your love of woodyboats with you 24/7.  Yes, it’s late, would have been nice to have over the winter, but it’s taken a lot of trial and error to make this happen, including a couple trips to the ER. Which of course has stalled production of the Varnish Scent.

Artist rendering

Now we have been working in the Beck labs who have created A Bacon Candle. YES BACON!

You can create your Woody Boater Shrine. “Boaterville Morning”

We are also working on an “Blow Back” scent.  We here at Beck Labs and WoodyBoater have put it all into this.

Blow Back Post War Blue Candle. We bottled that true smell of summer in a jar! SNIIIIFFFF, Just take it all in.

I guarantee that the love of Woody Boating now can follow you anywhere you go. ANYWHERE, ANYTIME! Even the after life once we nail the Varnish Scent. No more winter Blues! And get this. your spouse will LOVE..ish, it. If she doesn’t like WoodyBoater Blow Back, try Bacon, everyone loves bacon. And just wait til we finish the “Scent of Fresh Varnish!  She will just die for more!

We are still testing and improving!

If you all like the prototype, we may produce it for the stuff store. We are currently talking to our legal team about liability though. It kinda has an issue if used wrong. Which of course makes it even cooler in my book, even if they do throw one  of my books at me in court.

YIKES! that is one whopper wave!

A huge thanks to Professor Gary Beck of Beck Labs and The Woodyboaterville Institute of Incredibly Dumb Inventions. otherwise known as W.I.I.D.I.

Our slogan ” We Come Up With WIIDI Ideas”


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I use a candle to check for fuel leaks and fumes in the bilge before starting, but ai never thought about using scented candles. Great product idea!

  2. Matt
    Matt says:

    That’s GENUS! Wow, Maybe we can do a FUME Finder Scent. We can call it the Extiquisher. See this is why we put it out there. That is one M-Fine Idea

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Dang, and all these years I have been using a blower.

      Burning labels are key when it comes to your liability issues.

      (image may be subject to copyrights)

  3. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    I think I can use these to get the Admiral in the mood
    I don’t see them on the web site yet please ezpixdite (hurry)

  4. Bob B
    Bob B says:

    I’ve been using the “burning dollars” scented candles for years. They’re available everywhere but pricey.

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    Due out latter today from ACBS is the engine ringtone app. Skip the CC B ringtone as it just doesn’t grab anyone’s attention and you end up missing a lot of calls. My favorite is the Hispano-Suiza 12 cylinder sound. It’s especially effective during your grandchildren’s concerts and plays.

  6. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    You had me going, until I looked at the date! Happy Fool’s Day to all the WoodyBoaters!

  7. Ned Protexter
    Ned Protexter says:

    Matt, you were suppose to run my story today not yesterday. I mean who would ever say that we don’t need young people.

  8. Briant
    Briant says:

    That biohazard suit is just stupid….all sealed up with a couple of spanners for “hands” and then the poor dude has on open heeled house slippers? Is this from an episode of Monty Python??!!

  9. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Forget April Fools Day – We’re boaters, every day is “Fools Day” for us! Personally, I think Matt is on to something here. I’m sick and tired of all the flowery scents on the plug-in/car freshener/scented candle industry. Why not varnish, fresh bottom paint, oily exhaust scents? About the only thing I would draw the line on would be a CPES candle… Go For it Matt! 🙂

  10. Rick
    Rick says:

    You can now tantalize your senses with your favorite Firehouse flavors. Scrub down with Turkey Bacon Ranch with exfoliating bacon bits. Wash off a hard day’s work with our Barbeque soap’s sweet lather and smoky finish. Indulge in Cheddar Brisket’s creamy cheddar with brisket bits. And for a spritz of rejuvenation on the go, try our new Pickle Juice Body Spray.

    Call toll-free 877-899-9343 to order now!

  11. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    I think one of those Woody Boater scented candles would be perfect for nite fishing. They would sit nicely on top of a fully pumped up 2 line Evinrude gas tank. (happy April fools day)

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