Too Many Wiener’s From Yesterdays Color Study!

We have a can of lil Wieners.

We just don’t have one wiener today. So we have changed up the awards to some Lil Wieners. Wish you hadn’t voted now? Ya! Okay then. So the big wiener is G ish, with a slighter shade of white. Poor George at Kirby, he was so patient with me and my obsessiveness of the pigments in white. I wanted to cut the blue, and yet have a tad bit of warmth. So he of course can mix to any color and has all the formulas. So here is the color pallet. And yes we are going with a Green Bottom. Normally I am not a fan of Green Boats either. But this works for me, and better, the Boatress. And should be a fun job to do.

The dark green is almost black and will be in Gloss. Note, the red in the varnished wood should be always considered as part of the complete color system

As is now after a good scrubing

I love the small details on her bow and lines over all, this new color system allows that to shine

This green is a tad too blue and bright

I will be creating Name Boards so I don’t have to keep lettering her. That will be an entire project into itself of course.

A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO THE BEST IN THE REST OF THE PLANET KIRBY PAINTS! Amazing customer service, he has seen it all done it all. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIER SITE.

Best colors, best customer service, best logo!

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  1. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The green on the cabin sides is much more subdued and a better choice. Very cool color combo. Let the brushing begin.

  2. ART
    ART says:

    I like it, but I still think the lower half if the cabin door should be painted the cabin color. But what do I know, I’m just Art.
    Is the Baker Buff just above the dark green hull sides?

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