Too Soon? Is A 1999 Boat A Classic?


1999 Sea Pro 21

Okay, okay, okay, I know. BUT, 25 years is a milestone for cars, boats and other stuff to become a classic. At least thats what the DMV says regarding classic car plates. Soooooo? Is it possible that the Barnacle Bomb we have been trying to get going is a classic?

Her bottom is done and I removed the Name decal that was not loo’n good

Here is a possible argument. Some Boston Whalers are classics? Old Pontoon boats? Even… yes.. Old Jet Skis. So why not a center console. The Sea Pro in question is a first generation Sea Pro. As in before it was sold to Brunswick, and then went away only to be brought back as the new Sea Pro. So there is that.

Switch the logo around to OLD PRO.

My plan is to keep the 1999 original power plant. And preserve that plastic. Yes its a fine line. But at some point in a boat/car whatever life, this is what happens. And the hardest part lies ahead. Naming it. The Boatress doesnt want to force it and wait til she names herself.  But here are some options I have been sharing with her. ALL REJECTED! UGh.

Call it what it is. They will all have a dog theme since thats what this boats job is.

From the Book

Made me laugh.

I loved the way the paws cover up some flaws

Fits with YIP YAP as part of the fleet – And trust me, whenever you are near the boat. YAPPING ENSUES! 

Covering flaws again

Call it what it is



A Fancy logo?

Anyway,  today is the big water test. Lower unit has been replaced, engine gone through, and all checked out. Bottom done, and almost ready for some summer fun of wet dogs and fish guts

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  1. Dan Overbeek
    Dan Overbeek says:

    I know there are rules as to classic and vintage designations depending on age, but I think when considering something as “a classic”, it depends heavily on the generation that is viewing the boat. Our “older” generation seems to have a difficult time seeing a modern looking boat as classic even with the age factor. Some one in say their late twenties, would probably look at that boat as a classic. If it has big fins on the stern, as some late fifties and early sixties runabouts had, it is quite easy as that just looks classic. If you are into center consoles, you probably would immediately call it a classic. As to a name for the boat, I have no suggestions. I the name it will be appropriate!

    • LHG
      LHG says:

      I agree with Dan. As a member of the “older generation”, age alone does not make a “classic”. Age of a boat (or car, or building) plus DESIGN is what makes a true classic. As “Woody” boaters know, good design becomes timeless, and this boat does not have it. It simply looks like 10,000 other generic trailerable center consoles out there, old or new, and regardless of brand. There is nothing in it’s design that stands out or makes it valuable above it’s “book” value.

      In contrast I offer you this, a 13 year older 1986 Boston Whaler center console Outrage 18, a boat that still looks modern today. I bought it new, have kept it new, and it is now 38 years old. But is it classic? I don’t know. It is probably old enough, and some will appreciate it’s design, it’s teak trim and high quality fittings, which would make it a classic, and some may not. And it is worth a LOT more than I paid for it new. So is it a “plassic”? Incidentally, the tow vehicle is the photo is 1991 Cadillac with a factory 7000# tow package, which I also bought new, and already most consider that model a classic, mainly because of it’s design compared to modern vehicles.

      And regarding names, the name I put on this boat always gets attention.
      I used to use the boat for extensive offshore fishing.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Mutty Waters makes me chuckle too!

    This is the best name I see yet, because as you boat around people will look at it and smile. Spreading smiles is a GREAT way to live!

  3. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Dan makes an excellent point about who sees what as a classic. I can definitely see why the Boatress declined some of those! “Mutty Waters” is a great one though. Reminds me of a ChampCar team that called their Mercury race car “Freddie Mercury”. They’ve since replaced it with a Corvette called “Eddie Vetter”.

  4. Steven Anderson
    Steven Anderson says:

    Dang, I just realized that ALL my boats are classics. I bought my “new” Chris Craft 35 years ago!

    How do I change the resolution of a photo?

  5. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    That’s fine bottom work there. How about simply “PAWS” (you know as in dad’s). Mutty Waters is good too.


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