Toy Antique & Classic Boats. For Gods Sake Don't Play With Them!


For some reason at the shows this year there is a noticeable increase in small toy like classic boats. Also at the Antique Boat Museum this year there was a huge collection on display. Here are some shots from various shows and the museum. With the economy doing what it’s doing this may be the only affordable way to go woody boating. One good source for these size challenged water craft is But hurry, some of these small boats were $1000 and up… OK some were $600, dear god what is this world coming to. I need a cup of coffee… a $1 cup…

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  1. El Mirage
    El Mirage says:

    being a woody boat guy and a collector of lionel toy trains, i have a few toy boats. my favorites are my lionel boats like the cream and red one pictured with the driver and passenger.

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