Trusty “W” Update! VanNess Engineering Running Strong!

W Engine -1

Custom made pistons

Here is the latest from VanNessville. The Crank has been all redone, as well as new Valves, and pretty much every part ,piston and whatever other stuff is out there. Just last night we got photos of the engine all together and primed! Wow.

W Engine rebuild Pistons

Thats a lot of customness

W Engine rebuild Bearings

Cool package

W Engine Rebuild crank

W Engine Rebuild crank

W Engine rebuild valves

The valve on the right is not in a good place and we replaced them all. This is corrosion that happens at a weld point and is one of the main reasons for a broken valve.

W Engine rebild side

Coming together

W Engine inards 2

Putting it all together

w engine rebuild top

Pistons in

W Engine Top Oil

Getting closer

W Engine Primer 1

Phot from last night!

w engine primer 4

Looking for love in just the right place. Rebuilt transmission all bolted on!

Trusty W Primer

I see a header!

engine primer 1

They have super powers over at Van Ness. Lightning bolts help!

You can click HERE for the VanNess website.


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    My counter weights bolts were tack welded in place. I suspect today’s Lock Tight would alleviate the need of that, but I sure would hate to have one of those come off at RPM.

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