Twin Finn-1959 Chris Craft Continental, You Saw It Here First!


Just one more magnificent restoration from fellow Woody Boaters Molly and Don at McCall Boat Works. We get to see one of the most fun parts of the process. Leafing and lettering. What font does one use, what material? What is cool about McCalls is that not only do they go the full ten yards when it comes to the restoration, but also in the graphic details. God is in the details, and so is Tahoe Gold. But this time the folks at McCalls chose Silver leaf. A bold statement and hopefully will not subliminally sway the judges away from gold. This very cool Continental is being prepped for next years Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance in mid June actually June 18-20 in a new sub class of Transitional Fiberglass. You know that whacked out period where the boats had fins, sliding hard tops. Anywhoooo! The graphics are done by Noel Weber. To be honest as a graphic designer my self. Noels work is worth the trip out to Idaho from anyplace to have this done by him, as is Don’s… The combo punch is a grand slam! Below is the lettering process… Noels work is amazing! Noel, I bow to your leafage.. Gold, Silver, and Aluminum if you are doing a pre war… You can see some more of Noels Work Here. And a big standing ovation to Don and Molly Hardy for swinging for the fences. Show those wine sippers in Tahoe how its done in Taterville

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