Two Insanely Rare Signs At Auction Tonight 7PM, Only One Issue. AND A NEW PLOT TWIST. READ COMMENTS!

Good Lord, make room for it in your hoard. Tonight at 7PM east coast time, there is going to be an auction on Facebook Live. You all know how much I hate Facebook, Facebook to me is the evil in the universe and probably responsible for increased anxiety and divisiveness in our world today. But from time to time, magic does happen, and because it’s easy to use, and is like some sort of water to our dry wood.. METAPHOR! Then well, good can happen. OKAY, thats my disclaimer towards Facebook. NOW the two signs. HOLY GRAIL MOTHER OF ALL SIGNS.. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


And a huge standing ovation to the Real Deal 101 Facebook online auction. The stuff is 100% real. None of the fake crap and stupid  looking people holding up more fake crap.  Its simple and you basecly see the sign and bid in the comment section, OR like tonight, its live. As in you watch and bid. I have never done this before and have no clue as to how it works. But its better than watching reruns of Law & Order, so I will be there with my $50.00 ready to out bid anyone.. For the first two seconds of the auction.

Its got a moving light and looks like shimmering water! INSANE 

Now about these signs. The globe one is a moving light that creates the effect of shimmering water. Dated 1952. This is hands down the coolest sign I have ever seen, and may be a great deal. Since it doesnt fit into the normal Sign universe thing.

And then there is this sign. The sign speaks for its self, and well. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

SO? How do you attend. First You gotta be on Facebook. and then find Real Deal 101. Or CLICK HERE and read how to be there. I wish I could embed this so you could watch here, but its facebook. SO?

It will cost you. But it’s art, and will always be that value. Unless Aliens invade and the world explodes, but then, who cares.

Not William Driving BTW

Here are some other Click Here Options. William Mogart is the guy behind the auction and the preview video is perfect. He knows his stuff. One of the good guys.