Two Much Fun On Alex Bay! Kent-O & Steve-L Do A Photo Dance In Perfect Harmony!


Just sit back and enjoy the art of Steve Lapkin and Kent O. Smith Jr

If you are tuning in today, today is one of those days that reminds us all why we love this passion. Even if you are at the show only here on Woody Boater, it’s great to be reminded of the magic of the cocktail of varnish and the St Lawrence. It’s Like Dancing With the Stars

Another day where I can’t have two much with the captions. These are amazing photos.

The good news is we have a wonderful eyeballs on the scene and they have cameras, and talent. Kent O. Smith Jr and Steve Lapkin are at it again. Double barrel shooting while out on the water doing what the Mahogany gods love to do. Go Boating! Woody Boating!!!!!

This is a photo that you may never see this type of situation again. WOW! Two Much!

Playing Chase! AHHHHHHHHHH I wonder if Steve and Kent were on the same boat shooting.

The Antique Boat Museum clearly brought out the big guns for this event

Holy Crap! What can you say? i mean this is so crazy its seems fake.


We all know how you feel Chris and Julie

And Steve’s View of the same happiness. Love the composition of the light house and arms. Same shot, two photographers different lenses. AMAZING

Okay, you may just see a boat and a ship, but the art director in me LOVES this shot. Excuse me for a minute while I pontificate why this photo is so amazing. First what are the chances of this happening, 10000000 in one? Dont see it yet? Note the colors. Its incredible. The blues, the red paint matches the mahogany, hell even the gold in the boats lettering is picked up in the crane. The composition is PERFECT, the open sky ahead. All of it. AHHHHHHHH

Steve saw it as well. Note how both shots are amazing, and cropping can effect the mood and feeling. This is the power of the human factor in photography. Artists see things beautifully and dramatically and yet uniquely. I LOVE THIS

Dock Shot or Painting? How is this even possible. Another thing about artists. They love to ignore the rules and lines. Kent has absultly mastered the art of the dreaded dock shot.

THAT’S HER! HA, great name


Lots of Waves on Alex bay

The Shepard and her flock!

A huge standing ovation to Kent and Steve.  We need a mash up name for them. Like J-LO or Bradjalena, or Kent O Steve, maybe LapO or Steve O Jr or Kent-Kin, or….. Of course there is a place on the internet to help you . Oh god, HERE.

Pooch and Pooch Two?

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Those Pardon Me boats are incredible. The people aboard look tiny! So nice to see them being run as they were meant to be. The water level looks lower than when we were there two years ago and the weather looks fantastic. Thanks for letting us be part of the fun!

  2. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    The guy driving that Shepherd is Scott Mason, the current president of our ACBS Pacific Northwest Chapter. He brought Rhubarb all the way from Lake Tapps, WA. He is one committed Woody Boater!
    Go Scott!

  3. Duster
    Duster says:

    Wooooooooooooooooohoooooooooo. Great work Steve and Kent. Very very good indeed.
    You guys should do this for your day job.

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