Two Words As To Why Woody Boats Are The Best – Self Regenerating

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Oh, it may look like a mess. BUT

We have now, or going to see, what happens when you leave your boat too long. You may be thinking, oh it just turns to dust. Or a weeny roaster. Oh, you might be sad to find out that if you had just left that Gray boat a little longer outdoors, it would start regenerate it’s self. Just think, wait 30, or 40 years and your boat will produce its own new wood? And if that is the case, would it qualify for the preserved category to be judged. I mean its the original wood.

Look closer

You could name your boat SPAWN. Just think of the bragging rights. ” ya, she makes her own planks.” Or , “Oh ya, she is a 2nd Generation boat.”

It’s remaking itself. The will to live is strong with this one

You can rename boat parts, Like “Kid Plank” and have the wood tested for DNA to prove your point. GAAAD! I see an entirely new world order of SPAWN boats. Our boats never die, they just recycle into infinitum. You literally can not kill a Woody Boat. Metal? Nope, Fiberglass NA. Only wood can regenerate itself. It’s alive, it shares all that we have on this planet. A need for air, water, and joy.

Okay, there is a deep concept here in the FOR SALE sign.. Can you spot it. It’s brilliant. YUP, a regenerated FOR RENT SIGN! It’s like an artistic statement. No new sign, a reused sign GENUS, GENIOS. JEANYUS?

All this from a pile of U22 Parts for sale in Minnesota. And a note from Fellow WoodyBoater Bill Terry

The future is bright. Like 30 years from now. If we can just make it through 2020!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I don’t know whose lost their mind more. The guy asking someone to PAY HIM $4500 to haul that trash away, or the guy who thinks those trees are regenerating planks?

    Or perhaps Troy who will likely have some very demented connection between rotting boats, trees, and nearly naked women?

  2. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    You are right Matt, 2020 is truly a dumpster fire! Here on the West Coast, there is so much smoke from all of the woodlands that are on fire up and down the coast. It has stuck around for days. We need rain! How many serious boaters are asking for rain?

  3. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    This is actually how they used to make sailboats, before they switched to metal and fiberglass. Shipwrights would start with a hull, then strategically plant trees to attain the proper rig. What you’re looking at here is – ahem – a barque.

  4. John Collier
    John Collier says:

    I’m selling this pattern boat for my deceased friends estate. Extra trees are free( not mahogany). All hardware and engine have been stored inside for 20 years. Got to start a value some where,

  5. Martin Field
    Martin Field says:

    When I restored my wooden (oak) canal boat an acorn must have dropped into it from a tree bordering the boat yard and took hold. The wee 6″ tall plant so impressed my daughter she transplanted it and now has a 6 foot tall oak tree growing in a large rubbish bin in her garden. The boat is long gone as my back wouldn’t allow me to change the bottom boards.

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