Unpacking Stinky’s Charm?

I cant find any trace of a primer? How were they painted? Thin coat of paint as a primer?

While freeing Stinky from her “enclosure of glass” I have realized that I am also seeing and learning how she was prepped for the process back in the 1960’s. For the record I am going to do this in stages. We all know that the second we start stripping the bottom of the glass, its a new bottom time, and thus begins the very very dangerous moment of no return. There are boatloads of unfinished projects out there, and because Stinky is already painted, it all kinda works to do it in stages. I LOVE THIS LITTLE STINKER, so it will happen.

Not Stinky, but you can see how the subtle texture of the deck seams are part of the soul of this model. This one was clearly not Red though, so thats interesting.

Stinky is getting a new White interior, and her wheel will be painted red

Uno, is a 19 Racer that was also painted. LOVE IT

The day we got Stinky running…and floating On Smith Mountain Lake.

This little boat has brought so many smiles. Note it had white stripes ober the fiberglass deck.

Stinky at her first show on Lake Hopatcong with her younger…larger sster



I just want to also make sure I dont restore the love out of her. I know, its an odd emotional drama. Do I love her because of her flaws? Yes, but will I love her with a facelift and bigger…okay, this is going down a very strange road. Oh and it’s gonna be a long road. Sorry. The stories are already getting hard to harvest.


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  1. Dan Overbeek in MI
    Dan Overbeek in MI says:

    It should be fun to watch! With your wit, and the curves it seems any type of restoration throws at the restorer, it will be interesting. I can not wait to see the finished product!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    You will love her even more when she’s done correctly and be glad you took the trip. When you bring her back to Algonac she will feel even more at home!

  3. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    I believe this is a Heavy lift helicopter towing LPD 4 , USS Austin as a test in 1968. My father commanded the USS Denver, LPD-9 in the 70’s after which he commanded the aircraft carrier USS Constellation CV 64. LPDs had a “well deck” that they would flood to allow amphibious landing craft to embark . While on a Pacific deployment stop at Subic Bay in the Philippines he commissioned a 20ft Banka Boat (aka PUMP Boat) and took delivery , and cruised across Subic Bay and had them flood the well deck to bring it aboard. ( Couldnt do that today, even if you are Captain of a ship !) . Mahogany Log dugout base, with attached mahogany sides and deck and bamboo outriggers. B&S 10 hp Inboard . Cruised Sandiego harbor and Chesapeake Bay in it.. Created a stir wherever it went..

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Will be fun to watch the process and progress – the deeper you go, the deeper you get – and you’re just getting started! The original 19′ CC Special Race Boats were painted yellow and white. and I believe some also left the factory with light blue covering boards and king planks accenting the white hull and deck.

  5. Steven Lapkin
    Steven Lapkin says:

    MS et al: “Color only exists in our mind, but, it’s not just color. Images only exist in our mind. Brightness and darkness only exist in our mind. There is no real image of any sort outside of our mind. Without a looker, the universe looks like nothing.

    Your look/the moment caught my eye: June 24, 2022, Algonac.

    Keep the colors coming……..SL

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