Unpublished Photos Of ROY-AL-IV, Roy and Judi That The Brass Bell Didn’t Have Room For!

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Roy is the one on the left – Photo Eric Frazier

We love the Brass Bell and are trying all kinds of fun ways to work together. Some stories are print worthy and those we save for The Bell, and others. The story of Roy and Judi from Algonac and there special all original Sea Skiff is in the latest Brass Bell, so sorry, you will have to subscribe to the magazine to read about the boat. BUT, we do have the photo series right here, since we are the ones that worked with famed photographer Eric Fraizer to get our new ad series shots done. Now, not to confuse things, yesterday was Bob and Susan, who also were photographed that same week, and we used them in our Ad. Today is Roy and Judi, two completely different couples, yes, Roy and Bob defiantly married above their league. Hey.. just say’n what your think’n.. Maybe it’s the Woody Boats? Yeah! So without further adooo, here are more wonderful shots from the shoot of Roy and Judi.


Roy has a great sense of humor and a great guy. – Photo Eric Frazier


Judi is the best and one more example of how photogenic Harsens Island women are. – Photo Eric Frazier


ROY -AL IV’s details are her magic – Photo Eric Frazier


Simple, elegant, and just right. ROY-AL-IV’s Dash – Photo Eric Frazier


Gods in the details – Photo Eric Frazier


Pad detail – Photo Eric Frazier


ROY-AL-IV is a wonderful little Sea Skiff for sure. – Photo Eric Frazier


Like the day it was delivered – Photo Eric Frazier


Sea Skiff flag! – Photo Eric Frazier


Her original plaid interior is a jaw dropper. OK, can Roy and Judi get a room? – Photo Eric Frazier


AHHHHHHH, I love that interior. Its timeless perfection and I bet not replaceable. AHHHHHHH – Photo Eric Frazier


Looks great – Photo Eric Frazier


Just hang’n out waiting for the light…that never came –photo Eric Frazier


Gotta go! Thanks for looking. See you in Algonac – Photo Eric Frazier

In case you missed yesterdays Algonac feature, one more time. The BIG ALGONAC SHOW IS JUNE 24th..In ALGONAC. Roy, Judi, Bob, Susan and more of the Michigan gang will be there with smiles and warmth that exemplify the Pure Michigan spirit. FIND OUT MORE HERE. And once again, Not a member of the CCABC? What the hell! JOIN.. HERE and get with the program.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Nice boat, nice couple, and GREAT photography! What more can a guy ask for?

    One more little plug for the CCABC: The Trading Dock is now free to all members.

    Just for clarification, in that last picture that is ROY-AL-IV not Gottago.
    This is GOTTAGO!

  2. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    One more little plug for our Algonac event. It is again on the sacred ground of the original Chris Chraft plant, the Harbour Club Marina. We will have a blast with great weather over three days, June 24, 25, & 26. Friday and Sunday are on water events with the show on Saturday, concluding with a boat parade on the St. Clair River. There will be great food and friends during a Friday lunch and welcome party, a Saturday evening awards dinner and a Sunday brunch at the Old Club Yacht Club. Barrel backs are the Marque Boat and classic boat rides will be happening during the Saturday show. Check out all the details and register at michacbs.com. We are looking forward to spending a great weekend with all our WoodyBoater friends!

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    In 25 years will there be a big argument about which hull number was the main picture boat for Roy-al IV?

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Great shots and nice plug for a great magazine…

    And as an aside the Trade magazines are touting a new 42 Chris Craft Commander to be out in July with bigger ones to follow.

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Amazing interior!

    And the new issue of The Brass Bell is one of the best in years. Besides the above story, there’s the profile of Troy, another poetic ode by Alex Watson and a story on the Dayton Family Chris, which resonates with all of us in Minnesota, considering their influence and contributions to our state. Their vintage family cabin (and log boathouse) on pristine, wild, and massive Lake Vermillion in northern Minnesota is another woody marvel.

  6. Richard Daley
    Richard Daley says:

    R Daley
    I may have missed something. Where can you get the Chris Craft Seaskiff bow flag? Need one for my 24′ sportsmen

  7. John Lents
    John Lents says:

    Great photos and story. Cousin Roy showed me how to waterski behind this boat back in the 70’s. We were at one of his Mom and Dad’s great summertime picnics. See you on the River.


    We are so honored to have the ROY-AL-IV featured in Woody Boater. See you guys in Algonac this year, and in Port Huron for the international show in 2018. Roy and Judi

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