Varnishaltor Test – Consider Yourself Lab Rats

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Will this pass the Sniff test?

In an effort to calm the nerves we have teamed up with private industry, today Katzs Marina  has stepped up to the plate to help. This may be one of the wildest ideas the WoodyBoater Labs has created. After testing this at home, it did work. WARNING:  It does have some side effects. For example,  Your family may expel you from the kitchen. You could pass out. But it could be worth it. Are you ready for the sniff test?

Open up a can of varnish. It really doesn’t matter what brand. The smelliest kind is best. Maybe an old can..

Okay, now get real close to the screen. CLOSER.. CLOSER.. AND NOW SNIFF. And just bask in the finish, the detail.. And yes, these two boats are fresh and just finished at Katzs Marina. You can touch the screen.

Get in there, nose to nose.. SNNNNNIIIIIFFFFFFFFF!

Okay, now let your self loose.. Just let this take you where it wants to go.. Its okay, no judgements here.


Get all animal of this!

Are you naked yet? Just asking? maybe it was just me?

Oh ya.. Roll around on that new upholstery.. Feel it.. Sticking to your thigh? Like a hot summer day. Varnish, Vinyl, and water.

Now you are racing along.. You hear another boat..

The back seat.. Go there!

OH, ya.. Close your eyes now.. SNIFF.. Take it in.. Getting calmer already

Open your eyes now.. Wait, OPEN YOUR EYES! Dam it, I need to figure this part out.. Hold on..

Okay, phew, that worked out. SNIFF AGAIN.. Fresh Bilge paint

Grab the wheel

Now, take a rest.. Breath in and Out.. This new set of images will have some blonde touches.. Not Troy Touches.. there are HR laws about those.


Just rub the screen.. SNIFF.. Its working. You are being transported to a timeless place


Just touch the fresh flathead

See the reflection of light. The way the interior feels on your warm back..

She is headed out on the lake, a warm summer night is approaching. the Rumble rumble of her wonderful engine..

And now, you are awake. Away from the crap of the day.. weeks behind you.. All is good.. SO HERE IS THE QUESTION THAT WILL TELL YOU IF THIS WORKED.. READY.. What day is it? Quick? You had to think for second didn’t you!

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    This is easier than driving up to the lake, thanks. First boat needs a name on transom, how about Norwegian Wood II?

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    “Breathe, breathe in the air. Don’t be afraid to care” (Pink Floyd 1973). This song came to me when I saw the pictures. I like the sniff part, not the scratch. Beautiful boats, outstanding finishes!

  3. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    All of this sniffing is gonna give people the idea you need more quarantine 🙂 wait that would mean no boating… never mind. Carry on..

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