Vintage Road Trip!

Its like a 12 minute comercial

Its like a 12 minute commercial

We found this cool film from Chevrolet about the romance of taking a family trip. You can visit Cayuga Lake, Or Olympic Park, see the country side in a Chevrolet of course.



Marshall McCluhan said, “Ads are the cave art of the 20th Century” So in a way this film has transcended comercial status and now is art.The good news for us, is that they thought it important to cover a nice power boat, a Chris Craft U22.

A nice U22 with our happy family

A nice U22 with our happy family

Thankfuly its near the start of the film. The rest is on on land. Make sure you visit your Chevrolet dealer by the way!


And now without further adooooo, our film.. Thanks to Prelinger archives for ..archiving this sort of stuff.


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  1. Allen
    Allen says:

    Great video….my Dad sold Chevys in 1950’s at Shallcross Chevrolet and we drove a convertible like this….video brings back memories.

  2. Troy
    Troy says:

    Now that is some classic advertising!
    Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle!

    I think that was Chad and his family in the U22 (Maybe the 17 grew up?)

  3. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    “The Magic carpet the the lands of my harts desire.” I love it, I showed this to the guys at the shop and he remembers his dad buying a used demo 1949-50 Chevrolet two door sedan.

  4. Texx
    Texx says:

    These Chevrolet ads were just a few years before Dinah Shore started promoting “See the USA in a Chevrolet” in the mid to late 50’s.

    It would be fun to have one of those early 50’s Chevy drop tops today – with an injected 502 crate motor, slammed with bags and a set of 20’s.

    Here’s Dinah and the gals in a beautiful 1955 Chevrolet drop top from her TV show.

  5. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The Cayuga lake segment is an excellent example of what you can see or do if you attend the 2014 ACBS international show in Skaneateless. Come a week or two early and visit the region in your Chevrolet magic carpet. Not much has changed since that video. The kids in the U22 now have grand kids, but they probably still have the boat tucked away, waiting for next summer.

  6. Wilson Wright
    Wilson Wright says:

    I had one of those yellow ’50 Chevy convertables….Great car. I can still hear Dinah Shore singing “Tour the USA in your Chevrolet…America is asking you to call……Drive Your Chevrolet thru the USA…America is the greatest land of all…and maybe there was more…

  7. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    My first car, a 1950 Chevy convertible hot rod with a ’55 Buick V8 engine, LaSalle stick transmission and nosed & decked. The car is posing with my Wife-to-be who is still putting up with me today only now it’s woody boats as well as cars and airplanes. A man can’t have too many toys! Wish I still had that ’50!

  8. brian t
    brian t says:

    Living next to the Columbia Gorge, I can tell you that it has been decades since we have seen thousands of logs being floated down to the mill on the Mighty Columbia River – thanks to our worthless politicians having sold that industry to the Chinese and Brazilians. Look at those cars – today we can tell the difference between a 55′ and a 56′ Chevy. Can’t do that with today’s crap because a 2006 Chrysler looks exactly like a 2012 Chevy or 2008 Ford. From a design point, the industry once tried to do better than their competition and the result was great, and sometimes crazy, design. Today, we are to terrified to take any sort of chances so cars look the same. The same can be said about boats – 99% of you WBers can tell the diff between a 56 CC and a 58 CC Whereas if I took a new Chapperal and a Moomba and God knows what else, removed all of the boneheaded name stickers, lined them all up and then asked for you to identify each one – there would be looks of nothing but utter bewilderment.

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