Waiting For Reports In Sunset Style.

Sunset cruise anyone?

We have a very special treat for you all coming. Texx is doing the Dane Anderson report from Gull Lake, and Steve lapkin will be sending in his report for the shoot out shoot from Gull Lake. So it’s worth the wait. As to Ida and New Orleans. We are also waiting. My Son did evacuate… And while we wait, here are some insane sunset moments from yesterday here in Virginia.

Mista B got a haircut. He had one too many boatyard “things” in his matted coat. He may look like a Opossum, but he is one happy Opossum.

It all started as a simple “Boat Ride” everyone jumped and start twirling at the door. All was normal on the ride with the new Special V8 until we came around a part of the river. OH! SHIP!

Around the corner to heaven.

Slow, and birds all over. It was happening all around us.


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Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? And of course you all think its something bad. Well, some surprises are good. And holy cow. I wish I could be a better photographer, cause as nice as these photos are, it doesn’t capture the painting that just laid out in front of us. Que, John Williams, Jurassic park, Out Of Africa, Sound tracks. I could hear it, see it, smell it, and life just unfolded in front of us reminding us that as crappy as certain days may get, LOVE, and kindness is the balance that the universe delivers. You just have to open yourself to it all.

I know that look! That little B….astard is gonna go for it. WTH!!!!!!

The snuggle.. He is such a dog. I taught him this move

Go Mistaaaaa B go..

Turned around to head home slowly

Not sure what startled the B..oatress, but Mista B was there to help.

And all is well, is WoodyBoaterville

Even Mista B took it all in!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Warm sunshine!

Sometimes it’s a kiss, sometimes just a smile. One thing is for sure. It’s always in some way a part of the canvas that a boat ride paints.


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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Wow, you really ARE a dog lover…to let those guys and their toenails romp around on one of the finest Chris Crafts in the world….well…just sayin….pretty day, pretty boat…and to quote Roy O…..”pretty woman”!!!
    I brought my Scout 30 back from being on the hard and with a clean bottom on that same picture perfect day.

    John in Va

  2. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    Opossum!possums! where have I heard that before?Oh yeah!Dame Edna!Now that is one sexy person.Wonder if Troy has a shot of that one?

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